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Dated: Feb. 23, 2013

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We are starting to see devices non-standard for the web getting more web active. People will know what they have in their refrigerator by seeing its content on a screen on their computer. The touchpad device built in a refrigerator will send data on your computer using the HTML5 application.

A lot of the famous Google doodles logotypes, like this interactive submarine inspired by the works of  Jules Verne, was made by using the HTML5 application. Google is forcing HTML5 a lot, which shouldn’t surprise us because the more a web page is available, more adds can cash in. Their search page is usually simple, but now most doodle logotypes are made to maximize the advantages of the newest code.

Hef Harris, the technical director of the Google Docs service, says that HTML5 will change the way these services function deeply. "A simple example would be taking the attachment from your desktop and then dragging it to the window for writing Gmail. That is the basic function that you couldn’t use 5 years ago, because web browsers didn’t support it".

HTML5 also represents another step towards a semantic web, a web structure that was made famous by Tim Berners-Lee, that is cross-reference and it shows more information sources from the Internet in real time.

HTML5 is partially responsible for the war between search engines in the last few years. A decade before Chrome, Firefox and Safari they didn’t exist while the updating and improving of Internet Explorer was rare. Today desktop and mobile search engines are updated very often following the appearance of the new HTML5 functions.

Companies favors HTML5 because it can also do things that were possible only inside special web applications. This is especially important in the mobile phone environment. Most brands don’t like to be a part of someone else eco system, because then they lose the control over prices and subscribers. The magazine Financial Times has recently state that it will shut down its iPad app after the of their HTML5 web page. That is a trend that will probably spread in the following months.

Flash Keeps Going

HTML5How does all that affect Adobe Flash?

The company has already stopped supporting it on mobile devices. Danny Vinocur, the  managing director of the sector Interactive Development Business in Adobe, says that the future of the Flash is not questionable, especially because Digital Rights Management is not possible in HTML 5 yet.

"Flash enables things like 3D immersive gaming, that usually works only on Xbox or Playstation, to work on the web. That could also be something that HTML could do, but it will have to go a long way to that. Flash will be a pioneer of advanced technologies like HD movie content rich in performance that need to be protected from copying."

The good thing is that the ultimate users won’t worry or notice that the Internet is upgrade with new code alterations. If HTML5 works correctly, almost no one outside this community of web programmers won’t know it exists.

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