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Dated: Mar. 21, 2010

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by Dianna Reed

Perhaps it is time for a career change, or you are fresh out of high school and the idea of four more years of schooling does not appeal to you. You want to jump into the working world and start earning some cash, fast. After much research you have decided to embark upon a career in the Information Technology field. Not a bad choice, especially since Technology changes every day.

You are faced with the choice of education. As previously stated, going to computer school for four years to get a computer science degree is not an option but there is another option, IT Boot Camp. And IT Boot Camps solely focus on a very limited number of IT Certifications. So there can be MCSE Boot Camps that may focus on just that. But some bigger computer schools will deal with number IT Certification Training.

Is it really the best choice?

Pros & Cons

Let’s examine a few factors to make this determination.

IT EducationIf you are a techie, then you are probably one of those who learn faster when in a hands-on environment. This is seemingly the best environment to learn, since Technology is a hands-on position.

If you opt to go the traditional education route, you must study, history, government, and English, etc… you start any of your core classes. What does history and government have to do with Technology, anyway? How will knowing when Columbus discovered America help you install a motherboard?

In a boot camp, you learn by doing. In other words you learn how to build a computer by actually building one and not reading how it is done. When you slide the hard drive into the drive bay and connect it to the motherboard and to the power supply, your learning experience become more real.

Of course there are step by step instructions, to guide you, and instructors to help, but since you are actually performing the task, you learn faster and it sticks. Keep this in mind, technology changes every day, but how often are textbooks updated, once every two to three years? This means what you are learning today is already outdated. When was the last time you saw a VHS tape or VCR, so why would spend time learning how to repair one?

There are several factors to consider when making a decision to attend a traditional college or a boot camp: length of time to graduate, costs and employment opportunities.

Length of time to graduate in a traditional college is 2-4 years and most boot camps and boot camps tend to run a few weeks or six months tops. So far, you are spending less time reading books, it takes you less time to graduate and you are taught the latest technology.

How much does it all cost? A traditional 4 year degree may run in the range of $30k, if you are lucky. Of course you can get a grant to cover the costs (if you qualify), if not you will have to take out a loan, which you will start to repay six months after you graduate.

Boot camps can range from a few hundred to a few thousand, but when you complete the course, you do not have a loan payment hanging over your head.


Let’s review; graduating from a traditional college takes 2-4 years. You could incur debts to repay after you graduate. Textbooks are not updated frequently, which means you will be learning yesterday’s news. You learn based on reading rather than hands-on.

Boot camp graduating time is shorter, it cost less, the curriculum is more current and you learn by doing and not just reading and this means you can start earning those big paychecks sooner.

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