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Dated: Jun. 07, 2013

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No matter for what purpose you use your computer, one thing is certain – a regular backup of data is necessary. Unfortunately, most users figure the importance of backing up data regularly too late and the problems start taking their toll with money, time and nerves. There are a lot of programs for making backups for all levels of users so it is needed to spend very little time to make the right choice, and we present you one that can satisfy your needs.

Areca Backup is possible to be installed on most distributions by using the fitting package manager or by downloading the installation file on the site of the project by which the only condition is that you need to have Java virtual machine on your OS installed. After the start up you will be greeted by a bit Spartan appearance, but with only a few available icons and large gaps of open space you may get the feeling that there is not enough options or something like that without understanding the real power that is beneath the hood. Either way, let us start of in an orderly way. On the left side of the work window is the Workspace that contains the description of the backup jobs that are called Target. By clicking on the icon for the new Target a window appears in which we set the parameters of the backup copy of files and there are lots of those parameters so we are going to mention the most important. The name of the target is definitely the first on the list, and then the place where you want to store the archive by which local disks, FTP and SFTP servers are supported.
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The lack of support for network storages could be a serious flaw that will probably be corrected in the future through the system of add ons that Areca Backup uses. Then you need to choose the type of backup and define the paths of the directory or files that need to be turned on, set the desired compression, eventual filters and the basic configuration is done. Your Target will appear in the work window, and detailed information about it will be on the right side. After you have finished copying the files in the archive you can see its structure, history of the done backup, search the contents and return individual directories or files. Simple and more than enough for every day users. Although we stated only the most necessary options enough for most users, Areca Backup has plenty of advanced options that will be interesting to administrators that take care of a large number of information. For them there is a large number of advanced options that can make their jobs easier. There is grouping of Targets for better organization and starting multiple jobs at once, encrypting archives, configuring scripts that will execute before or after a backup, sending reports on e-mails after the job is done... Also, Areca Backup supports scheduling and executing certain targets, but for this action it uses the system built in in the OS (TaskScheduler for Windows and Cronbat for Linux), while the program only generates the needed script. This method, unfortunately is not close to the average user, so this is also one flaw of this program.

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