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Dated: Feb. 14, 2010

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Before we get started, let me point out to the readers that this article will best be used by guys that do computer repair and a pure goldmine for a computer support person.

Popup Virus Killed IEBrowser

Today, I was browsing through some free font sites when decided to take a break. Upon my return, I saw what at once seemed like a computer virus protection software alerting me of a possible infection. However, I could tell this was fake because I never installed that antivirus software. I've always relied on AVG and Avira as my primier free antivirus firewall software.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpageAfter running a complete virus-scan of my PC however, I very quickly realized that the only problem occuring is that when I try to access any website with my Internet Explorer 8, it comes back with an error saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" with an option to Diagnose Connection Problems. By the way, the error image on the side is clickable.

I knew at once that even though this problem looks like a connection problem, it's not. This is because my Firefox browser was working just fine. Let me list all the steps I took that DID NOT WORK for me. I'm listing them first because this is what I initially found upon my research to a solution. And I believe most people take these steps first:

  • AVG Anti-Virus SystemI fired my AVG like Donald Trump fired Gene Simmons from KISS. And replaced it with Avira as I've had good exposure to them both. This was to punish AVG for not handling the matter correctly in the first place.
  • Next, I tried to re-install Internet Explorer 8 from . I did this because it just seemed most obvious to start with. In short, after 15min. of installation process and 3 restarts later, it didn't work.
  • Next, I installed IEFix.exe that I found on . I worked with this because I was under the impression that IE Browser related whatever has been messed with. In short, it didn't work.
  • Next, I installed winsockfix.exe that I found on . I totally believed this would work because this is suppose to fix DNS and Network related issues. In short, it didn't work. I even fiddled around with my XP firewall to no availe.
  • I again tried to find out if the virus is still present and was making these installations not work. So I installed HouseCallLauncher.exe from . It didn't do crap. Alright, I'm pissed off at this point.
  • Next, I installed ccsetup227.exe from and although it did was it was inteded for, it didn't fix my problem.

Here's the Solution

  • My last ditch effort before I do a full-resotre of my system was to try that I found on . In short, it worked like a charm. No system restart or anything. I ran it, and it worked. Simple!

This was a simple problem. What the heck was I getting so worked up about anyways?

Okay, it's easy to say "Do This, and All Will Be Well". However, you must first have the EXACT same problem as I did.The whole reason for listing other solutions that didn't work is that they worked out for lots of other people. So make sure, you identify the problem correctly. And don't be an like me and get worked up over stuff. It's a computer, it will test you and benchmark you just as you benchmark it.

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ghakanyuy's Comment
i love this becus this solution is semilar to other solutions to my probs
29 Sat May 2010
Admin's Reply:

I'm glad you liked it .