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Dated: Jan. 28, 2010

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By Vishal Ingole

Do you need to copy a heavy file from another laptop without using pen drive or connecting cables? Of course, this can be done by using electronic transfer methods like ftp or online data storage systems. However, these methods are not only time consuming, they often lead to increased data transfer costs. Moreover, what if there is no internet connectivity available in the immediate vicinity? Under such circumstances, you can connect two laptops through Bluetooth and exchange files seamlessly.

When two computers or devices are connected via Bluetooth, these devices are supposed to be in Personal Area Networks (PAN). In a PAN, one can connect multiple devices without facing the problem of synchronization. Though multiple laptops can be connected using Bluetooth, to understand the procedure perfectly, we will stick to the procedure of connecting two laptops only. 

Bluetooth TechnologyHere is the step-by-step way to connect two laptops using Bluetooth.

Software and Hardware Requirements

  • In-built Bluetooth device on laptop
  • Bluetooth dongle (optional)
  • Bluetooth drivers (optional)

Important - Since Bluetooth use short wave radio frequencies for data transfer, devices using radio waves should not be placed within 100 meter radius. Bluetooth signals weaken if the devices are placed more than 100 meters apart. Also before connecting the two laptops using Bluetooth, make sure that neither of the laptop is infected with any sort of virus or malicious program. They can easily get transferred from one laptop to another without your knowledge.

Step 1 – Determine the Type of Bluetooth

The first step is to determine the type of Bluetooth device your laptop has. Refer user’s manual of your laptop to determine this. If it has inbuilt Bluetooth, proceed to step 3, else, proceed as follows:

Step 2 – Install Bluetooth

Purchase a Bluetooth dongle from market (usually costs $10) and insert it in one of the USB ports. Windows XP or higher versions of Windows do not require any sort of driver installation, however, if it’s Windows 98, install the drivers. All types of Bluetooth also come bundled with control software, which should also be installed at this step.   

Step 3 – Switch on the Bluetooth

Switch on the Bluetooth of each laptop. A bright blue glowing light indicates that the Bluetooth has been switched on and ready for connectivity.  

Step 4 – Assign Status

Decide which laptop will be used for sending files and which for receiving.

Step 5 – Access Control Panel

On the recipient laptop, open the Bluetooth devices control panel. Click on the ‘Options’ button and then choose ‘Turn Discovery On’ and click ‘Ok’. Remember, this will work only if relevant Bluetooth drivers and control software is installed.

Step 6 – Select the File to be Sent

Select the file on the laptop, from which you wish to send the file.

Step 7 – Send the File

Once the file has been selected, right click on the file, which will pop out a small window. Select the following options –

Send To => Bluetooth Device

Step 8 – Select the Device

The Bluetooth will start searching for Bluetooth enabled devices in its vicinity. Select the laptop to which you want to send the file.

Step 9 – Assign Passkey

In case there are multiple devices in the vicinity, you should assign a passkey so that only intended recipient receives the file. This can be done by assigning a passkey through control panel of Bluetooth.

Step 10 – Accept the File

A message will appear on the recipient laptop indicating that a device is trying to send a file. Authorize your laptop to receive this file by keying in the passkey. Wait for the file transfer to complete.

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17 Thu Nov 2011
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 You Too Kasun :)

Michael Gaisie's Comment
Dear indefatigable lecturer, I should be very glad if you could post to me a demonstration of how this whole connection is done in any way possible. Infact, I realy have enjoyed the lecture. Thank you
13 Fri May 2011
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 if I know the answer, I'll be happy to help.

Suyash Gupta's Comment
Respected Sir I am trying to send data from my PC to my laptop. But my PC is not able to send data, though it is detecting my laptop. Always "Sending Failed" is coming. My laptop has inbuilt bluetooth while I am using a dongle for my PC. What might be the problem
13 Wed Oct 2010
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Bluetooth maybe the problem.

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Thank you, It would be very helpful for me in near future. Really nice work done, Thanks again
06 Sat Feb 2010
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Thanks Fawad