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Dated: May. 21, 2013

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A comprehensive music player

Listening to music on a computer is such a silly thing that it is almost implies. In Linux, and other free systems, there are a lot of programs with this purpose, from console players to advanced multimedia managers. The offer is more than enough and everybody will surely find what fits him, but it is hard to stand out in that crowd. It is hard to bring something new and attract users. The application we are offering you certainly has things to offer, especially if you are handling a larger number of songs, and you are using online audio services. Meet the Guayadeque.
The first thing that will catch your eye is definitely the name of the program. Aware of that the pronunciation will create problems for users, the authors put in a point in the manual that relates to this problem, so with the help of the Google Translate service on the address   you can hear the correct pronunciation after you click the listen button. You probably won't know why they picked this name after listening, but this certainly shouldn't be an issue.
Guayadeque Free Music PlayerAfter you have started the program, the main window will appear similar to most applications of this purpose, and it is divided into three sections. The left side is subordinated to the functions of the audio player with the standard shortcuts for reproduction control. It is possible to activate the display of the VU meter, the equalizer, as well as the filter for quickly choosing songs by the defined criteria. The parts of the window called Sources and Now playing show available sources for playing music and the one that is currently active. The biggest part of the work surface is covered in tabs and is subordinate to the management of the available content. We should mention that the position and size of the mentioned segments is completely under the control of the user, so it is possible to maximally adjust the look of the program to your needs. Guayadeque supports all important types of audio files and enables advanced managing of collections and play lists. The search and sorting by various criteria is also present, so the manipulation of a big number of songs is quick and simple. All functions that we stated until now are the standard options that most multimedia players have, but Guayadeque is turned to online services that deal with music, so it supports technology like audioscrobble from sites like and, Jamendo, Magnatune and others.
Most of the information and the available material about the performers will be automatically downloaded and displayed in the player fields. The support for the Internet radio stations and podcast is implied, and we should also praise the excellent base from which you can choose genres that interest you, and you also manually add your favorite addresses. If you want you can save content that is streamed and it will be orderly named and saved. While the player is active, in the lyrics tab Guayadeque will display the text of the current song if it exists on one of the thirty supported sites. If the songs are properly tagged everything will work with no problem and you can intervene if something happens. The tabs My Music and File Browser serve the purpose of managing the existing content on the hard drive of the computer or other portable devices. The first one is designated to sorting music by genre, author and album, searching, renaming, tagging and other operations, and it is very a handy option for searching on Internet. The other tab gives a view of the directory tree through which you can quickly find and play songs on your computer, in created collections or saved content.
The options and possibilities are too many to be all accounted by us, so you have to research for yourself. For the average user and the undemanding audiophile everything you need is there, in reach and easy to adjust to your needs, which is the greatest plus when this player comes to mind. Next to all that, the program works with great stability and speed, even with a greater number of songs in the collection, so our recommendation for Guayadeque is big. You can for FREE!

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