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Dated: Jun. 10, 2013

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Mobile Internet is all present today through phones and tablets, and all operators have a solid offer of packages for computers too. The connection is established through a USB modem that, judging by the instructions, works only on Windows and rarely on Mac. In the package for the modem you get software that serves for establishing connections and sending SMS for Windows systems. Users of GNU/Linux OS are not damaged, with the exception of the so called tech support that can't help you about anything out of the written instructions that they have in front of them. The connection is established with no problem through the network manager, with the wizard that leads to accurate settings for all operators where you need to input the PIN code eventually.

Wammu for LinuxUntil now we had the chance to try out a few models of modems and there were no problems. But, there are situations when you need to send a SMS or check the amount of inputted data. Hard working people have created Wammu, a program that does just that – sending texts through mobile devices and 3G modems. It is installed from the repository of the distribution and before the first use you need to choose the manufacturer of the phone/modem, after which the default settings will be enough. At the end you need to determine the USB port on which the modem is placed and the program is ready for working. The interface is made out of nicely organized wholes divided into two columns, one for the overview and one with the menu for fast access to contacts, messages, the calendar, the list of calls and the "to-do list". Connecting with the phone/modem is done through the menu Phone - Connect and then you get at the bottom of the screen the review of the strength of the signal and a few more notifications. It is possible to have a few different devices set at one time, and the change is done through the Settings dialog. From the menu Create you can add a contact, send a message and make a note or task in the calendar. Although at first glance the window for sending messages looks overcrowded, finding your way in it is very easy. We should mention that there is a possibility to memorize messages that are sent often. This option can be unnecessary if you only use the modem, but it is good if you are using your phone to send messages to clients. Messages, like everything else that is available is imported through the menu Retrieve. We mention that there is a possibility to "back-up" everything stated, as well as importing messages to e-mail or XML file that can serve for the transfer of executed settings.

There are two version of the program: Wammu and Gammu, the first one is GUI and exists only for GNU/Linux, while Gammu is started from the command line, and it exists only for Windows. All in all, a very practical program, and as most of the leading phone manufacturers are in the settings, we assume that it can have a wider use than just sending texts for checking the consumption of the Internet.

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