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Dated: Jun. 11, 2013

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Manufacturers from time to time like to make a "field trip" and do something exotic, something dedicated only for one Operating system. This time it was the company Logitech that made a chargeable touchpad for use only on the Mac Operating system.

In the packaging, next to the device, you get a USB cable that is meant for charging the built in battery (type A connector on the Micro type B), as well as printed documentation. The touchpad is sensitive to multiple touches and it has a modern design. The top plate looks like a thin piece of frosted glass placed over an aluminum plate, which makes it very attractive.

From the hardware controls there are the switch for turning off and on, the button for pairing up with a computer (Bluetooth), as well as a Micro USB port (battery charging). After pairing up with a computer, and before the installation of the software, from the controls the functioning things are the left click, the right click and the scroll in all four directions. In order for the advanced controls to work you have to install the software. It has to be downloaded from the page of Logitech support and it requires a minimum of Mac OS X 10.6.8. for working. The name of the program is Logitech Preference Manager and in it you can control the turning on and off, as well as the way of use of advanced options such as Point & Click, Scroll & Zoom and a lot more. And we would also mention that this model has the possibility to map for functions with one or more fingers, up to a maximum of four fingers at a time. Logitech Rechargeable Trackpad T651 for Mac

The specific options for the Mac Operating system that can be used are Look Up, Drag Move, Swipe Between Pages, Swipe Between Screens, Swipe To Mission Control, App Expose Swipe, Launchpad Pinch and Show Desktop. The number of fingers varies depending on the other settings. On the test the device performed splendidly. During use it is pretty responsive. The only problem that we have encountered in this part is with the advanced function and the rotation, but after a while you get used to it and it work just fine. The most important thing is to adjust everything the way you like it before you start using it and just get used to it.

The problem is created with users of the multiboot system. On Windows and Linux because of the lack of drivers only the basic options work. To make things worse, there is a version of the device for Windows (T650), that is different only by the thing that it is Unifying and that it has a driver for Windows. That means that multiboot users, to make everything work fine, have to buy two touchpads. Like the price of one touchpad is not enough...

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