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Dated: Jun. 27, 2013

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The first thing you will say when you start Milouz Market is "God, how ugly is this!". Really, the author of the program seems to have completely disregarded the visual side of his offspring and trapped it somewhere in the 90'. A bulky table, large icons without applied means for polishing, badly chosen colors...

All this can deter you, which would really be a shame because this is a program that has potential. Milouz Market is a tool for updating installed programs. It works on all modern versions of Windows, and you can download it in the native 64-bit version. The main catch is that the whole process is done in a silent regime that practically doesn't demand any involvment of the user. All you need to do is to press the fitting button (Update) and wait until the job is done.Milouz Market

The program will go to the official site, download the installation routine, do the updating and in the end it will inform you that it is done. In that time you can do any other job on your computer. Next to the updating process, which is completely sidelined to the side, this program has another nice feature. The author "taught it" what a malicious/advertising content is and if that comes with the installation of the program, it will simply be ignored, as if you yourself unchecked the boxes next to their names in the manual installation. This applies to a variety of plug-ins for browsers, boring gadgets, toolbars, search engines and similar. As already indicated, the information about the installed programs is stored in the table. There is a corresponding command icon, full name, designation and eventual new versions, the size of the installation file, the category to which the program belongs to and similar. On the far right are the control buttons through which you make updating , uninstalling, or looking for more information about the installed software . These data types are text on the screen and they pop out as a particular form and are informative enough to teach what was going on. By default, the applications are sorted so that the top of the table is set to be updated, then those for which no new versions were found follow, and finally programs that can potentially be installed. 

Here is one of the major flaws Milouz Market. It just was not able to check and update all the programs you have installed on the system, but only those for which there is no internal support. So far, the book is reduced to about 50 very used applications, with what should be noted that the author is working on expanding the base.

To get an impression of the usefulness, we will mention only some works that Milouz Market supports - uTorrent, Daemon Tools, VirtualBox, Skype, Java, Adobe Reader, Media Player Classic, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Inkscape, WinRAR, Winamp, OpenOffice, GOM Media Player, VLC, Gimp, Audacity ... As you can see, the roster is quite satisfying.

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