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Dated: Oct. 25, 2004

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Icons are those cute little pictures on your Windows desktop that help you identify a program or file. You can easily make your own icons by using MS Paint, Photoshop, or any other mainstream graphics program.

Here's How:

1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, and Paint.
2. In the Paint window, choose Image, Attributes.
3. Make the Height and Width 32 pixels, and click OK.
4. Click View, Zoom, and then Show Grid.
5. Click View, Zoom, and Custom.
6. Choose 800% and click OK.
7. Create your new icon. Save it as a bitmap (bmp) file.
8. You can change its extension later to .ico, if you like.
9. You can now treat this file as a regular icon file.

When you replace a Desktop icon with one you made yourself, you don't need to refer to it by anything other than its filename.

Create Your Own Icons


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Micael's Comment
Thanks! For these easy steps. I did it and I see the reply buttons under each cnmmeot. I have one problem and don't know if there is a solution. When I reply to a cnmmeot it takes me to another screen with all the cnmmeots on it. And if I want to continue replying i have to go back to original screen and so on. Is there any way to reply underneath each cnmmeot in one page like in disqus. Like if you are chatting???Thanks
15 Thu Mar 2012
Admin's Reply:

First of all, thanks for writing Micael. But my answer is "not yet"! However, we're working on that very concept and will have it figured out soon.

Topher's Comment
How neat! Is it really this smilpe? You make it look easy.
25 Fri Nov 2011
Admin's Reply:

 well topher try it out and let us know what do you think ?

dron3's Comment
hey how do you change the bmp- into an ico on windows
09 Tue Aug 2011
Admin's Reply:

 dron3 I think their is an option of file renaming in windows you can do it with f2 key as well. just make sure that the complete file name is visible. i.e is name with extention :)

Kara's Comment
I've searched a long while for this, and I'm so glad I finally found it! I do wish that the image wouldn't be so deformed after shrinking... and that I could make the open space around it transparent... But I'm just so happy that this works! Thanks so very much! :D
18 Sat Jun 2011
Admin's Reply:

Glad to hear that Kara. Also, check back on the site for other cool things that you never would have thought of

happy_chinu's Comment
LOL! How to make transparent icon using paint. Sent that on my mail.
30 Sat Apr 2011
Admin's Reply:

if I know the answer, I'll be happy to help.

Virgil's Comment
I just want to make a pretty blue icon of some design that can replce the ones on my mp3s in my flash player.
13 Sun Feb 2011
Admin's Reply:

Good Luck

maiseee's Comment
its just like a mini picture.....i mean... how can i format it to open a window with infos....???
08 Tue Feb 2011
Admin's Reply:

Describe in detail exactly what you're trying to achieve.

Angel's Comment
thank you.. Not many honest people out there willing to give instructions on how to make icons for free.. will try and let you know how it goes..
20 Wed Oct 2010
Admin's Reply:

Please do, thanks.

SAMEER's Comment
27 Wed Jan 2010
Admin's Reply:

Most welcome

ShinStrike's Comment
Back to say that it works. Thanks a lot ^^
19 Tue Jan 2010
Admin's Reply:


I knew it would!

ShinStrike's Comment
Thanks for the info. Testing it out now, will post again when it works. =)
19 Tue Jan 2010
Admin's Reply:

Sure, that'll be awesome

venkat's Comment
hi this is venkat this option very nice for me
28 Mon Dec 2009
Admin's Reply:

I'm glad to hear that

samusy's Comment
have modifed
10 Thu Dec 2009
Admin's Reply: Did this article help you?

jellybean0127's Comment
That's hot
03 Thu Dec 2009
Admin's Reply: Thanks