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Dated: Nov. 03, 2004

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What is a Favicon?

A Favicon is a multi-resolution image included on nearly all professional developed sites. The Favicon allows the webmaster to further promote their site, and to create a more customized appearance within a visitor's browser. Often, the Favicon reflects the look and feel of the web site or the organizations logo.

How to Create Favicon?

There are many ways, but since I use Adobe Photoshop for almost all graphics work anyways, I'll be going through that route. I downloaded a free ".ICO" plugin from so that I may create and save work as .ico file, namely favicon.ico.

In Photoshop:

After installing you Photoshop ICO plugin...
1. Create a 32x32 pixel work area.
2. Color it up and make an icon there.
3. To save, click "Save As" and choose the name favicon.Favicons
4. Choose ".Ico" for type and save it to your desktop.

Now What?

Your half way there now.

1. But you need to upload "favicon.ico" file to your site in the directory where your homepage resides.
2. Next you add the following little HTML script in your tag:

<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="/favicon.ico">

And Your Done!

Now that you've gotten free know-how on this topic, try to grow your skills even faster with online video training. Then finally, put these skills to the test and make a name for yourself by offering these skills to others by becoming a freelancer. There are literally 2000+ new projects that are posted every single freakin' day, no lie!

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