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Dated: Feb. 23, 2013

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Content marketing or Inbound marketing is a term that applies to marketing strategies linked to the placement and distribution of content on the Internet. The goal of content marketing is the aim to make the company and its business more available to users of different services on the Internet, and in that way strengthen the awareness of the brand, present services and products and to secure the presence in the largest possible target group. There is no universal solution that would be ideal for implementation in every company, but there are certain techniques that are very suitable for marketing.

1. Video and Moving Graphics

Video is certainly one of the best ways to distribute content on the Internet. Today it is pretty simple to publish a video that can reach a large number of viewers. Don’t create a video with the intention for it to become viral. Instead of that, use video as a method to answer the most troubling questions for your clients in your area. A video should be short, informative, interesting and with a clear message. Of course, it is in your interest to brand the content cleverly so that, after viewing, people remember exactly what brand it is. No other media causes emotion as much as video, so use that to your advantage.

Video marketing

2. Webinars 

People love webinars. They want to gain new knowledge, reveal the secrets of the pros, improve their skills. Webinar should be made attractive through focusing on the types of problems that your potential clients deal with, and your product or service can help them. Don’t do everything on your own. Ask your favorite blogger or celebrity if they can perform in the form of a presenter, and may your brand be the sponsor. And remember: people don’t buy a drill, they something that drills a hole in the wall!

Infographic marketing3. Infographics

Infographics are also a great solution. If you make some interesting, useful and humorous infographic, you will secure yourself hundreds of likes and shares on social media. Portals and other bloggers will take it. So you should always put infographics with embed code, After a few weeks, there will be plenty of links on the Web that point to you.

4. Q&As

These are contents that repeat on Q&A sites like Quore or in LinkedIn part for answers. The contents here are not so attractive, and they don’t appear in search engines such as Google, but this type of content is very interesting, primarily because of people that buy here are well in the process of buying.

When you answer questions, watch out that what you write is really the answer to the question. People find it irritating when you try to win them over to early. Don’t do that. Be helpful, unselfish, and point out that your product or solution can help them. You have a great example of a dialog that worked well and an example that caused a contra effect? Share them.

5. Case Study

You will need multiple case analysis, or multiple stories about success, that you will place in the media or on your own site. In the ideal case, you will place them in way that your potential customers can see or experience their problem solving through the use of one of your products. Focus on enabling your case studies to find the basis of the problems that your customer can face easily. If the finding is a hard task for the potential customer, both sides can waste their time. Case study works the best in the early stages of the clients decision, while the customer is still defining his problem. 

6. Electronic Books | White Papers

White papers and reports can make sense in the early and the late phase of a clients buying circle. In the beginning the buyer wants to be informed on a certain category and about the way that your product can help him solve his problem. And then, later, compare your product or service with others that made the final stage. In any case, it makes sense to secure a connected Electronic book only after your client fills a form on your site.

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