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Dated: Apr. 12, 2013

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When you mention Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome, you would say that there is no need to think about innovations, what new players are on the field, what do they have to offer and are they even worth anything. This is probably true for many, but it doesn't mean that new programs of this kind don’t have anything to offer and that they won’t find their way to users. One of those novelties is QupZilla – light, multiplatform Web Browser, that is slowly growing into a program with a great rating.

A small and light Web Browser for everyone's taste.

This very fast QtWebKit Internet Browser has the goal of being light and available on all dominant platforms. The project was started for educational purposes, but today it has grown into a quality program. Considering that it is still young, it can’t be found in the GNU/Linux distribution treasury. Users of Arch Linux can install it from the community treasury with the command: 
Qupzilla web browserpacman -S qupzilla
Users of Ubuntu Linuxa will have to add the PPA treasury first:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nowrep/qupzilla
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install qupzilla
On the is a manual for the installation on other distributions.
During installing, the starter of the QupZilla program is placed in a Internet section of the work environment menu. After starting it you will be greeted by a familiar setting – a menu bar, bookmarks bar and navigation bar. First you will notice that the program visually integrates in a graphic environment, whether you are using KDE or something else. So, QupZilla uses the mother style of widgets on the main GNU/Linux environments, and also the icons from the active environment theme. If you want to change something, QupZilla has already defined themes (although they are bound to different platforms), so you can change the appearance from the menu.
From a technical point of view, QupZilla has good things to offer. You have the integrated Adblock, Flash block, as well as the RSS reader. The program unites bookmarks, history and the RSS reader in one well organized window. We should mention that bookmarks from other Internet browsers can be imported into QupZilla. The popular speed dial extension wasn’t left out, because it helps with navigation amongst favorite pages a lot, it also supports the drag&drop editing, as well as a thumbnail view of the pages.
As the engine of the program the well known WebKit is used. It is also used by other big players such as Chrome, which in turn states that the QupZilla is a very fast program. You can determine what language will be used from the menu bar.
Although the accent is placed on multiplatformity and lightness, you can see that the QupZilla tackles  mature competitors that have the same use in a good way. We can conclude that the manufacturing of this program is great, so it deserves your attention and precious time. Anyway, the QupZilla will reward that greatly.

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