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Dated: Mar. 26, 2010

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by Dianna Reed

Most people think of Linux as something only for geeks and computer power users. However, we have come to see various flavors of LinuxOS being sold in major retail stores in the last few years and we also see a trend being set online. In this article, we're simply going to single out only one of many Linux flavors known as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu, what does that mean?

The name originates from Africa and means ‘Humanity to others’. The name is fitting of the software because the best thing about Ubuntu is that it is absolutely ‘FREE’ and is a community complied application. You will never pay licensing fees, which means you can load it on one or twenty-one different computers.

Ubuntu's Functionality

Ubuntu is an operating system ideal for servers, desktops and laptops. It is an all-in-one application complete with word processing, email, web server software and programming tools.

Installing Ubuntu

The installation CD comes packed with everything you need to get your computer up and running.

  1. Insert the CD
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts
  3. In about 25 minutes you are ready to enjoy the freedoms offered by Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Installation Without Windows CD


  1. Download the .
  2. Run the application just as you would any other Window’s application.
  3. Create a password for installing Ubuntu.
  4. Select install.
  5. Wait for the program to finish (following prompts as necessary)

In a few minutes you will have Ubuntu installed and ready to use.

You are probably wondering why not just use Windows and what is so special about Ubuntu. Everything you could do with Windows you can do with Ubuntu, but for less, a lot less—did I mention—‘Free’.

You can surf the net, chat, email, send photos to your friends, upload to your favorite social network such as MySpace or Facebook, sync and share information with your friends and play games. Speaking of games, there are over 400 games “FREE” for you to download and play until your heart is content.

Firefox 3.5 is included which makes browsing faster, safer and you do not have worry about the frequent Explorer crashes.

Ubuntu's Difference

If you know how to write scripts, Ubuntu places more power in your hand as a user and unlike Windows, Ubuntu allows you fine tune the application to fit your needs. Did I mention, ‘Free’? Have you ever seen Windows offered for free or better yet, under $100? Do not think too long, because the answer is ‘Never’, unless it was the Beta version and that was only for a limited time. 

Ubuntu is compatible with more hardware than Windows and last but not least, it is the safer than Windows against viruses, Malware and other harmful bugs lurking in cyberspace. Ubuntu offers more security for your information, simply because most virus programs and the like are designed to attack Windows. This means that by installing Ubuntu as your operating system you are less likely to contract viruses and run the risk of personal data falling into the hands of cyber crooks.

Ubuntu provides constant updates to ensure you are running most up-to-date technology available. When comparing Ubuntu to Windows it is clearly evident, Ubuntu offers just as much as Windows and even more.

Try Ubuntu For Yourself

You do not have to take my word for it, give a test drive. If you do not like it, you can easily uninstall the program without affecting Windows operating system. But I do not think you will.

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