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Dated: Jan. 08, 2013

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When you mention social media the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook or Twitter, and maybe even Instagram. These services are really massive and have a steady growths in user numbers, but they are not the only ones.
There is a large number of people that don’t use Facebook or Twitter. They have chosen a different social network like Tagged, Path or the ones that are focused on celebrities, and you shouldn’t forget the upgraded MySpace.
Recently, a list with five predictions for social networks has been published.
If everything goes to plan, the once hugely popular MySpace will be upgraded so it attracts even more users. It is certain that MySpace will never be as big as it was before, but there are still people who use it often.
The next thing you can expect is the continuation of the Twitter – Instagram rivalry. After Facebook bought the Instagram service, Twitter has created a lot of characteristics that seem to be exactly the same as in Instagram. It is sure that this rivalry will continue, but Twitter has a large number of users so it just has to improve a little bit.
Social media in 2013The third thing you should expect is more adds of the Tout service. This service for exchanging video material allows users to create and post video clip that last up to 15 seconds. It is hugely popular between athletes but not a lot of people have heard of this service. That could change in 2013. But the problem is that the company doesn’t give much resources to advertising. 
The fourth thing on this list is the need for Twitter to be more profitable. There is no doubt that this service is hugely popular but the problem is it doesn’t generate enough money. Recently, Twitter has strengthened  it’s add platform, and there is a huge investment in advertisement.
The last point on this list is about Facebook and the question of whether this company will buy RockMelt. Facebook has secured a platform that provides users with different tools but what it hasn’t got is a search tool, for the web or mobile phones. Instead of making one, Facebook could buy one and integrate it very nicely with itself. That search tool could be RockMelt. Created as a social network searcher, this Chromium based tool is designed to work with Facebook or Twitter very easily, but it is also for searching the web. The thing that sets it apart is the simple way it integrates social network elements. The thing that is widely known is that RockMelt is not for sale and there are no indications that this will change, or any interest for selling it to Facebook. But, Facebook and RockMelt has common investors, and Facebook has been the undisputed leader in social networking for a long time now.

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