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Dated: Mar. 09, 2013

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All-in-one computers with touch screen seem to be becoming the future of this type of home computer, and with the appearance of the new Windows, their usability has reached the level of a competitive firm that, next to OS, puts its name on hardware. On this test we had an impressive computer with the most advanced options for multitouch using. The Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 was designed and conceived to make a great first impression. The complete computer, which is made out of the monitor and the computer stand which contains all the components is built out of aluminum with impeccable finishing. The massive capacity display that has a diagonal of 27 inches with VA panel and full HD resolution and LED background lighting. The Projected Capacitive Touch technology was used for the multitouch. It has multiple layers of highly conducting material on its surface, so it is more resistant to daily touching. The A720 also supports 10 point multitouch. The quality and sharpness of the images, as well as the angle of viewing are very good. The impression of image quality is a bit spoiled by the strong screen reflection and the tendency for finger prints to stay on it, which makes using in very bright rooms difficult and it needs frequent screen wiping.

Lenovo IdeaTouchThe manufacturer advertises the IdeaCentre A series as the thinnest screens on the market, which is achieved by placing the components in the stand, as well as using external power sources. The practical consequence of this layout is great physical stability of the computer, because the stand has a lot of mass and rubber legs that stop sliding. The angle at which the monitor stands compared to the stand is adjustable with the help of a very flexible and firm carrier, and it goes from -5 degrees to +90 degrees. This is a characteristic that sets this computer apart from other AIO models.

Components made for portable computer were used for the IdeaCentre A720, but there list is far from naive. The base of the A720 is made from the Intel quad core processor i7 361QM on 2,3 GHz (up to 3,3 GHz in turbo mode), with a seventh generation chip set. The Graphics could have been stronger considering the other components and price range, but the installed nVidia GT630M with 2 GB memory graphic card is enough for playing videos in full HD resolution, as well as playing on more modest settings, and using in graphic programs. The tested model is equipped with almost 8 GB DDR3 memory on 1600 MHz and Western Digital hard disk with 1 TB capacity, with 5400 rpm.

For conventional interaction with computers, or in cases when you are viewing the contents on the screen from a distance, a wireless keyboard and mouse are delivered with the A720, with a common USB receiver. The mouse and keyboard are plastic and simple, but of satisfying quality and they showed to be very usable.

We found Windows 7 Home Premium 64 installed on the computer, with which you certainly can’t use the full possibilities of the 10-point multi-touch technology, for that you will need Windows 8. Because this model appeared before Windows 8, Lenovo has made an effort, so you will be able to use them with the help of small programs, tools and games that allow multi finger interaction.

The Lenovo IdeaTouch A720 is a really impressive AIO computer of high class and performance, that will above all find its purpose as a home multimedia center. In the combination with Windows 8 OS, and when the palette of software compatible with touch sensitive surfaces that enable the use of multiple fingers at a time, it could be used as a serious professional tool, because in that case it will cost less than specialized solutions. In any case, with the possibilities that it has, it will increase the creativity of every (well standing) family.

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