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Dated: Aug. 07, 2013

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Networking In General

There are various types of Internet connections, and each one of them has different properties. This text should help you determine which is best for you.

Connection Type: Dial Up
Connection Speed​​: The speed can not be greater than 56Kbps
Brief Description: This is the slowest connection, it is used at home or in small firms where it is not very necessary to have much speed. Since it is slow and takes up a phone line (not free pulses) more users switch to faster connections.

Connection Type: ISDN BRI
Connection Speed​​: Maximum speed is 128Kbps
Brief Description: It is used most often in the home version or at smaller firms. Who wants to have a free phone line while on the internet will have to be satisfied at a speed of 64Kbps.

Connection Type: ISDN PRI
Connection Speed​​: Maximum speed is 1536Kbps
Brief Description: It is used by large corporations.

Connection type: ADSL
Connection Speed​​: The maximum possible ratio is 6.1Mbps/640Kbps
Brief Description: For DSL to function, the distance between users and digital phone centrals must be less than (about) 5.5 Km.
connection types
Connection Type: HDSL
Connection Speed​​: The speed of data sent and received is the same
Brief Description: It is used by large organizations to connect private networks that are geographically separated.

Connection Type: Cable
Connection Speed​​: It is similar to ADSL, but it is faster because of the different technologies used.
Brief Description: It uses the modified network cable (duplex mode), which allows standardization of communication devices from different manufacturers (DOCSIS) and as a potential security risk the idea of ​​a constant presence on the Internet that are related to this approach (it is recommended not to use the Firewall infront of a computer and a modem but instead antivirus on every computer that has access to the public network, shuting down unnecessary services and the use of so-called Secure Logon option is also recommended on these computers). In practice, this type of connection brings the same risks as any other. It is up to you to decide whether your computer will be always on the internet or just when you need it.

Connection Type: Wireless
Connection Speed​​: 11Mbps 802.11b theoretically 802.11a and 802.11g 54Mbps
Brief Description: The Security of these networks is growing, but they still fall within the unsafe networks so it is recommended only to those users who do not have the possibility to use other high-speed connections. Wireless access to the Internet means that you can connect to the service wirelessly.

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