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Dated: Oct. 14, 2013

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Networking In General

What should you look for when buying network equipment

You should always avoid buying network gear at the full retail cost. You need to stop yourself from buying a product that has just been released to the market, instead you should wait a month or two months after it has been released because that is usually when vendors offer discounts or rebates.

Some years ago, a common and recommended thing to do was to always purchase your network gear from the exact same vendor. Today, this is not a great option. Buying from various vendors is needed in order to improve your network speed, and performance in general. And it can't take much out of your pocket like it would have ten years ago.

A lot of networking gear can support a huge variety of different uses and people who use them often tend to disagree with their experiences about that particular product. If you happen to find yourself on a website reading customer comments about how great or how awful a device is, always take in account that experiences vary from user to user. Someone didn't like the product, you might like it. Always be unbiased when reading these reviews. A great thing to do is to talk with family members or friends who have used that particular device, they will give you the most accurate description of the product.

Buying Routers and Modems

The process of buying a router or modem eventually boils down to specifics and the personal desires. But, always take in account these things: Always ask yourself a lot of questions when buying network gear, it is important to do so because that way you won't miss anything you should have thought about. For example, ask yourself do you need a portable router (if you travel a lot) or a regular one? What Wi-Fi standard does the router support? Do you need a 802.11n router that has a better price or do you need a faster 802.11ac router? Do you need to upgrade your old router, or rather buy a second router as an addition?Home Network Equipment

Buying Add-On Components for Home Networks

If you setup your home network in a certain way you might need to buy more hardware. A big thing a few years ago was the fact that game consoles did not have built-in wireless, which made you buy network bridges next to the consoles. If you are looking to increase your wireless range consider buying antennas or signal boosters. If you want to hard-wire your equipment to your router Ethernet cables are a must. Next to what you have read above, always buy your network gear from stores that have big return policies if the bought device did not function as well as you thought it would.

Home network managing software

You can download a few applications for no price or some small cost to monitor your home network at all times, from your house or from a distance. Be wary of softwares that cost a lot of money. You will not need them in 99% of cases.

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