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Dated: Jun. 14, 2013

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Windows can be a tough patient sometimes, especially when it comes to doing some simple tasks. For example, take the association assigning, ie. connecting two installed programs with certain extensions. Instead of reducing the job to a double click with the mouse, the process often needs to be repeated over and over again, chasing program on the hard drive, and in some cases you are completely left without the help of the system (exotic extension).

When everything functions the way it should, using the Open with dialog is reduced to clicking with the right mouse button above the desired file, verifying the item in the context menu... Actually you have two ways of working available. If the OS has recognized the type of the file, it will immediately offer you programs that you can use for their creation. Alternatively, you can take on the routine Browse and manually find the program with which you want to execute the opening of a certain file. The problems are made when the list of offered programs is empty, and you can't make the call yourself. That's the moment when the OpenWith Enhanced comes into action.

At first glance, the OpenWith Enhanced doesn't change a lot in the process. Still, when you call the procedure for the first time, you will see that the window is much fuller than it was before. Pay attention to the names of the programs that are marked red. They are tools that you don't have installed on the system, and can be used for opening a certain extension. If you keep your cursor for a while above the name of the program, a tooltip will appear with a very detailed description of the program – what use does it serve, who made it, even how it is ranked among the users of OpenWith Enhanced community. The most beautiful thing out of it all is that in most cases it offers a lot of alternative programs, so you can be sure that you will always find what you are looking for. OpenWith Enhanced 1.10

The downside is that the installation is not done automatically when you give the user command, but instead you will be redirected to the official site of the program, from where you need to download a file and do the installation the old fashioned way. OpenWith Enhanced can do a few more useful things. For example, from an open dialog you can cancel a previously defined association, go to the site of the program and look at all available alternatives for opening a certain extension, read all about them, do the installation or visit the site of the maker.

Furthermore, the visual side of the dialog can be adjust to the smallest detail. Default programs can be colored with (full) frames, you can change the color of the program that can be installed afterwards, and there is the possibility of seeing that they are free programs, etc. The program handles equally in a 32-bit and 64-bit environment, and it won't be a problem if you make it work hard in the are of the famous 8. Of course, all of it is free and free of malicious content.


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