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Dated: Nov. 02, 2009

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Windows Vista

Every new software or operating system that comes out in the market houses a lot of technical glitches and annoyances. Some can be fixed easily and others cannot be. And Windows Vista is not an exception. In fact, this new operating system has been facing serious criticism for a long time now for many features of it that a lot of people consider to be highly annoying. Many software and computer geeks have tried their level best to bring about effective solutions for the various annoyances present in Vista. Let us catch hold of a few cyber remedies for these binary dis-eases. ;)

  1. The first and foremost annoyance that many feel to be highly disturbing is the number of prompts generated by the User Account Control feature. This can be taken care of by following this simple and easy method.

    1. Click on the Start menu.
    2. Click on Controls Panel and then navigate to 'User Accounts'.
    3. Click on the "Turn User Account Control on or off" option that can be found at the bottom of the dialog box.
    4. Uncheck the 'Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer' option and then click OK.
    5. The computer has to be restarted in order to let the change take effect.
  2. It is as simple as that!!

  3. Users who have installed Vista Home Premium and higher versions of Vista some times face problems switching on to the Aero view that is unique to those versions. This might be quite annoying as the settings are buried deep inside the Control panel. Anyway, deep or not deep, one who wishes to turn it on can do it easily.

    1. Go to Start menu (Windows logo).
    2. Navigate to Control Panel and then select Personalization.
    3. Click on 'Window Color and Appearance'.
    4. Click on the 'Open classic appearance properties for more color options' link.
    5. Select 'Windows Aero' under 'Color Scheme', in the 'Appearance Settings' window.
  4. The desired changes would take effect after you click OK, activating the Aero style in your computer.

  5. Another feature that annoys users very much is the Windows security alert that keeps popping again and again at regular intervals. This too can be turned off by following a very simple procedure.

    1. Right-click on the Window Security Alert icon that can be found in the system tray and click on 'Open Security Center'.
    2. In the 'Window Security Center' window, click on the link that reads 'Change the way Security Center alerts me'.
    3. You would get a new dialog box with three options.
    4. You can select whichever option that suits you best.

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  6. A lot of software that are compatible with earlier versions of Windows do not run in Vista. This is a serious annoyance, or to be exact, a problem. As many users are used to run applications they are familiar with, they don't prefer to upgrade to Vista keeping in mind its incompatibility issues. This too can be easily rectified by implementing the following procedure.

    1. Right click on the icon that you use to run the program and select 'Properties' in the context menu that appears.
    2. Click on the 'Compatibility' tab.
    3. Check the 'Run this program in compatibility mode for:' option under the 'Compatibility mode' and see to that 'Windows XP' is selected.
    4. Click OK and the changes would take effect.
  7. This method has proven to be effective in many cases but in case your program doesn't run even after implementing the change, it's better to seek aid from the Internet.

  8. Many third party software are designed in such a way that they facilitate easy access to the application by placing search boxes on the taskbar. Though their intention is appreciated, these search boxes may prove to be highly annoying to many users, especially when multiple programs are run in the computer. This too can be fixed by exercising a small change.
  9. Right-clicking on the taskbar displays a context menu with the option 'Toolbars' on top of it. Move the mouse pointer over it and it displays the list of third party software that can be set upon the taskbar. Click on the one that you want to remove and the change would take effect immediately.
  10. Users who have got Vista Home Premium or a higher version would like to use the 'Flip' feature to navigate through running programs easily. Reverting to the previous view that shows running programs in separate windows can be an annoying task. But one can switch between the two views easily by following the following method.
  11. First check whether the desktop is set to the Aero style. In order to switch to that splendid style, follow the procedure mentioned a few paragraphs above. Once you change to this style, you will notice a 'Flip to flip' icon on the system tray of the taskbar. Click on it to get the 'flippety-flip' view of Vista. Another easy method to do this is to hold the Windows key in the keyboard and pressing the Tab key to navigate through active windows in 3D. This is similar to using 'Alt+Tab' in XP. But the major difference is that the windows are arranged in a different manner here.

  12. One annoyance that a lot of users complain about is the complexity involved in opening the Task Manager. The same was absolutely simple to do in XP (Ctrl+Alt+Del). This keyboard shortcut does not work in Vista. Many users would surely find this change to be highly annoying but the solution for this is very simple.
  13. One has to just remember that the keyboard shortcut to open the Task Manager in Vista is Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Once the user gets accustomed to this change it would be easy to do it the next time. Or one can also access the same by right-clicking on the taskbar and choosing Task Manager in the context menu that appears.

  14. Many people find applications that auto-start when logging into Vista to be highly annoying. This too can be gotten rid of following this very easy method:

    1. Click on the Start Button, enter 'msconfig' and hit Enter.
    2. Click on the Startup tab.
    3. Uncheck the items that you do not want to auto-start and click OK.
  15. By default, the icons in Vista are large in size. This is also an annoying feature of this otherwise super cool operating system. The solution to this is another simple 4-step procedure.

    1. Right click the Taskbar and go to Properties.
    2. Click the Start menu tab and then the customize button that appears in the dialog box.
    3. Uncheck the 'Use large icons' checkbox which can be found at the bottom of the list.
    4. Click OK.
  16. Windows Vista, by default does not provide space for the 'Run' option in the Start menu. A well experienced user of XP might find this feature to be highly frustrating as nothing happens every time he uses the keyboard shortcut 'Win Key+R'. But one need not worry for this inconvenience, this annoyance too can be gotten rid of by the following procedure:

    1. Right click the Taskbar.
    2. Click on the 'Properties' option in the context menu that appears.
    3. Click the 'Customize' button and check the Run command checkbox in the menu that pops up.
    4. Click OK and that will gift back good ol' Run command in your Taskbar.

Nothing in this world is 100% perfect, but with a little effort and an ounce of patience one can try to make things perfect. Get rid of the so-called annoyances in Vista using the methods mentioned above and you will realize that Vista is indeed a super cool operating system.

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