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Dated: Jan. 04, 2013

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A new year brings new things. The company Chieftec introduced a new computer case designed for gamers that belongs to the popular Dragon family, and it has got the mark DX-02B. Unlike other solutions from the the Dragon family, the DX-02B has even better manufacturing quality, more powerful design and a very advanced cooling system that can chill even the hottest core components. The whole story about the DX-02B computer case started with the launch of the CS-601 model that was better known as the Dragon DX. In a very short time this computer case gathered hundreds of thousands of gamers around the world by bringing them performances they could only dream about with older cases.  In essence, the Dragon DX-02B computer case continues where the Dragon DX stopped. 

Chieftec  Dragon DX-02B - frontThe thing that you will immediately like about the  DX- its ultra modern design of the front cover that covers the lower half of the body and conceals six ports  (3.25-inch type) for hard disks. They are mounted using a lever system and can be easily removed. Above this part there are four  5.25-inch ports that are used for inserting optical devices. They are also mounted by using a system of levers so you don't need any tools to put them in. On top of the Dragon DX-02B computer case there is one USB 3.0 port, a pair of 2.0 USB ports, one eSATA port, ports for a microphone and earphones. The whole top part of the casing leaves an impression of power because of it’s design. 

A modern visual identity of this case is completed by two 120mm fans equipped with blue LED lights. They are positioned on the front side, on the door that hides the part where the hard drives are. Next to these two fans, there are two more on the top of the case (200 mm) as well as one on the rear (120 mm). You can also addChieftec  Dragon DX-02B - side a few more fans that will aid to cooling. The inside is designed for maximum comfort while you are mounting you ETAX standard mother boards. As in all pro gaming cases, the feed is placed on the bottom so it reduces noise and it further simplifies mounting accessories. When you add up everything, the  Dragon DX-02B will provide you with op quality engineering, excellent characteristics and an ultra modern design that will leave no one indifferent. There is the smart cable hiding system, as well as the possibility of easy and quick cooling system upgrading that is often used in the gaming society. Long story short, the best case for the best gamers.  

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