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Dated: Jul. 25, 2013

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Can the computer be considered drugs?

Like a television program or a detective novel, the computer has the power to keep the user's attention is often much longer than they really wanted this. This is true for adults, but even more so for children. Because it often happens that children can not wait to come back to the computer. Is it therefore to say that the computer is a type of drug that can make their customers dependent? The authors of the book Child and computer are generally skeptical about this possibility.

Does the use of computers endanger the health of children?

Computers do not pose an immediate threat to the health of new users, even the youngest ones. Fears of loss of visual acuity or the fear of radiation of screens for prolonged use have proved to be unfounded. Some minor health risks for users can't, however, be completely ignored. For example, a long and intensive use of computers can lead to fatigue of eyes and muscle fatigue and joint pain.Network influence

Does the Computer bring undesirable changes in the interest of children?

Some studies have shown that children who have a computer at home spend less time watching television, ignore some activities, such as drawing, and less are out of the house to play sports. It appears, however, that most children these changes are short-lived and after a few weeks the children's fascination with the computer comes back to the old interests. From there, it could be concluded that generally there is no risk that a computer could lead to imbalance in the development of the early life of children.

Are computers threatening to learning basic operations?

Does the ability to use computers cause the children to not learn the basic operations such as calculating, reading and writing? Analysis of school computer usage shows that in the age when they should learn the basic operations of the most used programs for practicing basic mechanical operations that provide opportunities for students to rehearse and to establish knowledge of basic operations. Some studies in the U.S. show that the use of computers and the Internet can improve reading skills (Jackson et al., 2006).

Can I use the computer to learn to think?

Among the studies that deal with this problem most attention was paid to the impact of using different programming languages, particularly the LOGO programming language. Several authors confirm that the capacity of thinking, reasoning and special skills in solving problems develop as a result of this programming language. Some studies, however, indicate that greater success in terms of problem-solving skills is achieved when learning programming linked to particular classes of problem-solving strategies. There are some studies that show that under certain conditions, learning programming might lead to the development of creative and original thought.

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