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Dated: Nov. 21, 2013

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Networking In General

Using Peer to Peer networks to download music for no cost is an activity that is, although not very much approved, hugely popular in youth and even in adults.

But, there are some minor things you should consider when you try to do this so read the text below in order to know what to do.

1. P2P client choice

There is all kinds Peer to Peer software for doing this. They hugely vary in speed, simplicity and a lot of other thing as well. Choose by your liking which one you will use to download music and movies.

But, consider a lot of factors when choosing them. Be careful at all times, who knows, you might download a deadly computer virus instead of your favorite song.Music download tips

2. P2P settings affect your download

There are various Peer to Peer clients that have different settings that are good for different things. Again, choose by your liking which one suits you the most and use that one if you wish to do so. But, be ware that if a Peer to Peer program is using huge numbers of resources there could be various problems. On the other hand, if doesn't use enough resources the download can be painstakingly slow.

3. Firewall is a must

Security is the main consideration in many things, and it is not different in this case. Firewalls are an absolute must because they protect you from almost all threats you can encounter. But, if you don't set them up the right way they might recognize the download as a threat and stop it preventing you from finishing the download. You need to do certain configurations in order to allow the free music download. You must open you ports (they are used by Peer to Peer clients) or forward them, or turn off your firewall to be able to do this.

4. Overall performance has a huge effect

Your overall connection performance has a huge effect on your downloading process. Make sure your connection is tweaked to the max if you are looking to get the most out of your download. If you don't do this and already have a slow network, prepare for downloads that last abnormally long.

5. Other network activitiy slows the download down

In the process of downloading anything, when your network is busy dealing with other things, it tends to slow down the download. Things like surfing, downloading multiple things at one time and other things related to the Internet will slow your downloads down.

6. Hidden programs

This is very common in Peer to Peer client downloads as they often contain hidden tiny programs which install themselves or work in the background as you download your content, or even install themselves on your computer permanently (that is until you uninstall them). They are called adware and they slow down your downloads. Always pay attention to these things as they can be very annoying.

If you are looking to download free music you can do it .

Note that the music files or movies you try to download for free most commonly are Copyright so it is illegal to download them. Always have this in mind when downloading free music as you might be breaking the law. Only download free music and other things if they are stated to not be under Copyright laws.

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