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Dated: May. 14, 2013

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PDF as an eBook

When we first saw it, we thought that the Flipbook was an unsolvable mystery. The program somewhere appears under the name Free PDF to Flipbook, somewhere as Boxoft PDF to Flipbook, and somewhere as Flipbook PDF. The links in help are also completely mixed up, the download link points to the file PDF to Flipbook 3.0 actually it pulls the file Flip PDF 3.8.8. Most of the time spent on this test was spent on trying to figure out what is going on. The thing that we managed to conclude was that there are at least three version of this program, very similar by functionality, with which we present to you the free one, the most simple version. Commercial version, of course, offer more functionality, or a bit prettier interface, with cute, but not necessary options. The animated background or animated characters that speak the recorded text are attractive, but they are not essential for this type of program.

The term Flipbook is used for electronic books that mimic the look and usability of classic books. The pages are flipped in the same way as in paper editions, and if you want, you can turn on the sound that the paper makes when flipping. All is subordinated  to the feeling that comes with holding a book. That is done by the conversion of PDF in Flash format. During the conversion various variants of out coming files are secured. In the case that you want to keep the document online, in the frame of some Internet presentation, it is best you create it in HTML file with the information to start up Flash. In the case that you want to send the document to someone with mail the best solution is to put in a ZIP file. If you are planning to read it at a local computer, then the best thing to do is make an EXE version, an EXE program that contains text and all commands necessary for reading a book.
Free PDF to FlipbookIn the free version some of these options are turned off, like importing pictures or PowerPoint presentation be, and it doesn't allow to generate advanced backgrounds. But, the basic options set, like lifting the page, the dimensions, sound effect, links, background color, pages and text and so on. It is a bit unusual that it is not enough to make only change in the design panel, but in the program you have to explicitly state that with a click on the Apply Change button. That unnecessarily complicates the change generating process.
The program secure three different rendering machines, from which everyone bring certain advantages. The SWF rendering bring the quality text display and smaller file size, the GPL Ghostscript has better colors, while the internal rendering machine secure the highest speed of conversion, but with less quality.
Although it limited by the options it has, the Free PDF to Flipbook secures a solid functionality, that covers most need of the average user of this type of program. Maybe the greatest limitation is that it can't convert PDF files larger than 10 pages. If you think you need more, you can also cross over on the commercial version.


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