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Dated: May. 09, 2013

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The Epson WorkForce printer series managed to make a serious competition to laser devices in the office surroundings. With the goal of suppressing laser devices right from the segment where they are most often used – in everyday printing of black and white documents, Epson offered a monochromatic printer WorkForce M100 as an alternative.

Although the possibility to print in color was one of the key advantages of the ink jet printers compared to laser models of the same price range, the situation has changed a long time ago, so the business user is more interested in the price of the print than the possibilities of the device. That is exactly the card that Epson plays thanks to the integration system for continuous ink supply in the M100.
The semitransparent ink storage, which you can visually if it is full, is filled from an attached bottle with the marking T7741, with a capacity of 140 ml, which is the maximum capacity of an ink tank. One bottle can give you 6000 A4 prints, which is really impressive for an ink jet device.
The process of filling is pretty simple – after taking off the protective foil from the bottle, the ink needs to be poured in the fitting opening on the printer, so even if you don’t need gloves, make sure that others don’t get the impression you just gave your finger prints.
After turning on the printer pours the ink from the tank into the head of the printer and if it is the first time you are turning it on, this process can last up to 10 minutes. On the tank next to the rubber for sealing you have a lock that cuts the supply of ink to the printer which prevents spilling the ink if the printer needs to be relocated.
Epson WorkForce M100 printerThe heads are of a piezoelectrically type with 360 jets, already seen on older Epson models. The resolution of printing is a bit nonstandard, 1440 x 720 dpi, and in practice it gives very good results even with standard print quality. The draft regime offers greater speed, but with the cost of quality so the printed papers are noticeably paler. The speed of printing is 15 pages a minute, which is solid, but it still is not on the level of laser devices with a similar price.
The presence of the RJ-45 connector for connecting on a local computer network is praisable, which is an extra that all models from the WorkForce series have and it really means a lot in an office environment. The thing that is most important is the price, which is about 200 Euros. You would say it is a bit high, but Epson offers a warranty of 50.000 prints, as well as a low price of exploitation. The latter claim is illustrated by the price of the ink bottle which is about 15 Euros, and when calculated one print costs 0.0025 Euros. Really, no laser device in this price range can parry such low prices per print, so we can definitely recommend the WorkForce M100 for all those who find the price of a print a bit more important than somewhat spartan abilities.

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