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Dated: Apr. 10, 2013

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With the increase of capacity in hard drives and the increase of speed of the Internet there is the growth of available multimedia material on users computers. Sometimes it is difficult to find your way in a bunch of files and directories, where there are countless episodes of favorite shows or hours of movies that are waiting for some „free time“. Although modern file managers have advanced sorting options, renaming or some other searching, they still are not meant for handling a large number of files with multimedia content, that can be pretty diverse. Luckily, there are programs who can make help in organizing house collections, and we present you the FileBot, an advanced manager for manipulating multimedia files, meant and adapted primarily for TV series.

The FileBot is a Java program, so you can install it through its own software manager which you can download from a matching package on the project site or by simply clicking the Java Web Start button. All three ways need the Java virtual machine to be present on your system.
Filebot RenamerThe application window is simple and clear. By the left edge are icons with the program options, while the biggest part of the work surface changes its content in accordance with the chosen option. Although it supports file manipulation (copying, linking, moving), the FileBot is there to enable you an easy way of getting information about titles that interest you and fill in potential gaps. For that you will use the Episodes option, with which you can download a list of episodes of a certain show (the supported sites are TVRage, AniDB, TheTVDB and Serienjunkies) from online databases. Renaming the files (especially if you have a bunch of generic names) is one of the most common operations which, if there number is greater, can be an arduous job, but with the FileBot that process can be automated. By simply loading the individual files (whereby the drag&drop is fully supported, so dealing with file menus is redundant), directories or choosing the bases (OpenSUbtitles, IMDB or The MovieDB) you will get orderly named titles. It should be noted that the program supports advanced schemes of renaming and complete result adjustment, but for that you need to consult the documentation. Because many need good translation, the FileBot supports automatic title downloading from the OpenSubtitles, Sublight and Subscene sites. Choose the desired language and in a few seconds you will get a list of available translations that you can download and that will be orderly named and placed in  the fitting directories next to the belonging files. It can’t get any simpler. Next to all that, the FileBot has the possibility to validate the integrity of the desired files by using SFV, SHA-1, MD5 or ED2K control sums to make sure your collection is valid.
Although we didn’t even scratch the surface of the possibilities that this program gives you, simplicity of use, high level of functionality, stable and fast operations, with loads of options for fine tuning impose the conclusion that the , whether you are a passionate collector or not.

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