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Dated: May. 09, 2013

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The dilemma in choosing between a tablet and a laptop is solved by hybrid tablets. Let us take a look at what HP prepared for us on that field.

Envy x2 is placed in an elegant, nicely crafted aluminum housing. It is built to look like an Ultrabook, although it is a bit thicker than the standard. It is equipped with a quality IPS screen, and in the top part on the back side you have the keys for starting and adjusting the volume – an original solution, very practical for both regimes – tablet and laptop. On the top area you will find two cameras, one on every side: the resolution of the one above the screen is 2 MP, and opposite to that there is a camera with 8 MP and LED flash, just like in serious tablets. On the bottom is a quality keyboard with a rounded, pleasantly spaced keys and a touchpad with a sensor for turning off. The top and bottom is separated with the press of a button and with a slight use of force. When you separate the bottom, you get a functional tablet, but with a limited number of ports: HDMI and two USB stay in the bottom – you can only use Micro USB plug and the audio plug. In return, on the bottom part you have a port for big SD cards, so you have two options for enlarging your storage space. The bottom part has its own audio plug, useful because the plug on the top part is not accessible when the parts are connected. Still, the most interesting thing is the layout of the power: both parts have their battery, whereby the intelligent system manages the power usage by primarily spending the battery from the bottom so you have enough when you decide to separate the top and use it as a tablet. Together the batteries give a long autonomy, but with only the top battery is a bit less.
HP Envy x2Envy x2 is based on the Intel Atom Z2760 processor for minimal consumption. Two cores enable it decent performances, comparable to competitor tablets and enough for your everyday activities, but compared to classic portables this model is not a speed champion and is not suitable with demanding processor tasks and playing complicated games. For multimedia and HD films it is ok, because the graphic core supports DXVA acceleration. All modern methods for wireless connections are supported, including NFC.
The compromise between a tablet and a laptop worked well here: with one buy you get an above average tablet and a decent, but quality laptop, and with that a synergy of the top and bottom parts. The size of the computer is a good choice for both variants, and Windows 8 is a more suitable solution than Windows RT for many – and for better performances you would need a stronger processor and bigger batteries, so the computer would be heavier – and more expensive. 

HP Touch to Pair Mouse

HP mouseIf you don’t like a touchpad nor touchscreen, HP recommends Touch to Pair Mouse. This mouse uses the NFC technology, and if it is not supported by the computer, you pair up with Bluetooth. It connects with one click, it looks good and is ergonomically shaped, and depending on the conditions (NFC or Bluetooth, distance from the computer...) the battery can last up to nine months. With the use of wireless technology you avoid taking up the USB port, and a laser sensor guarantees that the mouse is accurate and that it works on various surfaces. 

Envy x2 11-G001EN HP

Screen: 11,6” 1366×768 LED IPS • Processor: Intel Atom Z2760 1,8 GHz • Memory: 2 GB • Disk: 64 GB SSD • Graphics: Intel HD • System: Windows 8 32-bit

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