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Dated: Apr. 24, 2005

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Network Security

By Hackman

Once upon a time, there was a script kiddie. He loved to bring down websites using programs that had been written by someone else. It made him feel smart; It made him feel powerful. Surely the average Joe could not have the power to crash a web server like he could. He was a hacker!

One day, it hit upon the script kiddie to wonder how some of the tools he used worked. And when he thought about this for a while, he realized that he didn't really know very much about "hacking", or even computers in general. It bothered him for a while, and so he resolved to do something about it. He was going to learn something about how computers worked. After all, knowledge was power, and knowing how a computer worked would make him even more powerful!

The Script KiddieAnd so the budding hacker asked some computer people he knew how to learn more about computers. They advised him to try building his own computer by putting parts together. One friend showed him how to assemble a working computer from a motherboard, a power supply, RAM, a video card, and a hard drive, and load them all up into a case to create a functional computer unit. At home, the PC technician made his own computer this way, and for a while he was very happy with it. He felt proud knowing exactly what components were inside his computer, and what each one did.

But after a bit of thinking about his computer, the budding hacker realized that he still didn't know very much about it. He knew what each piece of the computer did, but he didn't know much about how each piece worked. Just looking at his motherboard, for example, he realized that he'd treated it as a whole unit, just buying a motherboard from his local PC supply store, when in fact the board was an amazingly complex combination of several tiny electronic components. If one of those little components were to fail, how would he fix it? He'd be forced to replace the whole motherboard; That wasn't what a real wizard would do, he realized. A real wizard would know what had gone wrong with the motherboard and fix it.

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