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Dated: Jan. 10, 2013

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This probably the most popular cloud backup service amongst computer enthusiast and business users, so it deserved this text. It exists in a free and a paid variant, whereas the free variant offers only 2 GB of initial space. Maybe that seems small in comparison to other services but you can upgrade that by inviting friends to join your Dropbox profile. you will get 500 MB of space with friend that accepts, and that goes up to 16 GB. Paying users get 1 GB for every friend, and that goes up to 32 GB.

For those who have never encountered these types of services, this is how Dropbox works. You first need to download a small app from the official site and then install it on your computer which you will put in the system tray. In your Home folder a subfolder will be created called Dropbox and that will serve the purpose of a local folder for online synchronization. Everything you put in that folder will be put online immediately. Everything you delete will be removed from the Web.

Dropbox cloud backup serviceYou can pause this synchronization at every time. It is possible, when inserting huge files at the same time, that Dropbox gets a bit confused. It is recommended that when you are placing multiple big files into Dropbox at the same time, to first pause the synchronization, then put the files in and then continue the synchronization to allow Dropbox to correctly handle these files.

Public folder is also characteristic on one thing - the ability to send it's content to users who don't even use Dropbox. You can do that by clicking the right mouse button on the Dropbox folder and then click Copy Public Link. That will generate a link that leads users to the content you have chosen. It can be accessed through any device.

Of course, the content in your public folder in not visible to anyone. Your content is only visible to a different person if you explicitly generate a link and send it to them. Everything else in invisible. You can also create additional folders and share their content with other people.

You should also avoid placing your links on a public forum, because then there will be a lot of users uncontrollably downloading files from your Dropbox profile and the maximum flow limit is 20 GB daily for non - paying users. This will cause your Dropbox profile being suspended. It is a lot better for paying users (200 GB daily). But don't forget that is not the primary role of Dropbox. You will need some sort of file hosting for that.

If you find yourself on a computer that can't install Dropbox, you can access this service through the official site with some limitation. There is no restrain in flow but you can upload files of 300 MB in size. The advantage of this is that you can control the space usage in detail. For example, the files you deleted will not be deleted immediately, but after a time of longer inactivity.

A similar thing stands for changing already existing files, so you can rewind the files to their previous shape in the desktop version of Dropbox. A thing can also happen is that Dropbox tells you you don't have anymore space but you just deleted some files to create that space. The problem is that the cool down for those files hasn't yet run out.You can visit the official site and select the option Show Deleted Files and again delete those files.You can also return them if you deleted them by accident.

All in all, Dropbox is a very useful service whose only flaw is that it doesn't offer enough space for free users like other services of this type. The thing that does offer are easy access from all devices. For the people that need a bit more you can upgrade your capacity or buy the team package useful for project collaboration in firms.

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