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Dated: Oct. 10, 2013

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What Is an Internet Data Plan?

Internet access usually needs people who use it to subscribe to it to be able to connect to it. Next to the normal use policies, these terms also have a limit set on the use of the Internet connection over some amount of time. The limits are usually known by the name data plans. If you want Internet with no need for subscriptions, go to a public library or city center and you might just find it. The cost of this service is commonly managed by the government. You have to choose and manage personal data plans for every access you have and will use, but not for these public networks because you can't manage them.

The terms of Internet Data Plans

Fees and Access Expiration dates: Usually, private data plans need you to pay money in order to have access to Internet for a set amount of time (it could be a day, a week, month or even a year). If you do pay, the service provider will give you a username and password that are authorized, and if you don't pay when the time expires the provider will de-authorize you.Data Plans

Data rate: It is not uncommon that providers offer data plans that have varying levels of performance. You can see somewhere that DSL services are being sold on 1.5 Mbps, 7 Mbps, 9 Mbps or even more. It is the same technology, but the provider can limit your connection speed according to the data plan you have.

Bandwidth caps: There are data plans that set a bar to how much data you transfer over a certain period of time (one moth is common). If you happen to go over the stated limit, you may need to pay more, have slower Internet or don't have Internet at all. If you are with a more quality provider, the common practice is to warn you when you are going near the limit.

Data Plan Considerations for Home Internet Use

Home data plans commonly are held on monthly subscriptions that can be renewed. Usually, provider give you the option to choose what data play you want at various prices. If you want to go with the cheaper data plan, you will have slower Internet and lower data caps. There is something called a hotspot data plan, and it is designed for people who travel a lot and have to be on the Internet for short amounts of time. There are providers that charge you for exactly what time you were online, but you can also buy all day long services.

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