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Dated: Jan. 27, 2012

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How Homeschooling Prepared My Son For a Real Job

Parents understand the need to prepare their children for the adult world. For you, the most important jobs you have are to keep your child safe and to make sure he or she has a good start in life. However, the same cannot always be said for public school systems. The highest priority of a school administrator is to keep the school funded. Individual children are secondary to the needs of the budget. Teachers are often jaded and uncaring, putting in their six hours of work to collect a meager paycheck, year after year. The curriculum is slowed down to accommodate the least talented children, which frustrates those students that want to learn at a faster pace. Worse, specialized topics that may actually be of use in a career are explored only shallowly, and never enough for what kids will need when they head off to college. In the end, one of the last considerations in a public school is the actual well-being of your child. Removing your family from the system is the obvious answer, but not everyone can afford a private school. I certainly couldn't while I watched my son struggling to find meaning in his homework. He asked me one night how another paper on ancient Rome could possibly help him find a job in just a few years' time. I had no answer for him.

Boy LearningI turned to home schooling when it became clear that the public school system was failing my son. Schools don't like losing students, so the process was long and difficult, with plenty of paperwork and roadblocks thrown in my way. After I had put so much effort into getting my son out of a public school, I wanted to make sure that it was worth it. I wanted him to have a head start, whether he chose to go to college or strike out on his own once he graduated. He had some aptitude at computer programming, so we started supplementing his lessons with . I was shocked at how quickly he picked things up. We tried a few different websites and eventually settled on for its variety and affordability. The sheer number of courses available gave him room to explore what he liked and didn't like, an option he never had in a public school. My son quickly mastered the basic programming languages and started on software like Photoshop and Flash. By the time he was ready to apply to colleges, he knew more than some of the graduate students!

It's a simple fact that some of us are born with more advantages than others. We can't all go to private schools, hire tutors and then get into a top college because we know all the right people. For the vast majority of us, the only way to make a name for ourselves is through perseverance and using what we do have resourcefully. Online courses taught my son how to manage his time efficiently, and more practical knowledge than any corporeal computer class. Even parents who can't take the time to home school their children should seriously consider adding online lessons to their kids' studies. Not only will they boost a teenager's self-confidence, but taking an active interest in a field is something colleges love to see. If a high school graduate decides that college is not for him, the early training will be even more vital to securing a job quickly.

Of course, computer learning isn't only for high school students. Anyone who wishes to improve their skills or explore a new career will find that online courses provide a thorough guide to nearly any subject in IT. While my son was still living at home, I sometimes used his account to learn how to use Microsoft Office programs. My performance at my own job improved so much I actually continued our subscription after he left! My son and I both benefited from studying courses online. He was able to make a life for himself that no public school could have given him, and my own career is much more fulfilling now that I have the tools to get my work done quickly.

No matter who you are or where you come from, learning how to use a computer can help you become the professional you want to be. Online tutorials are the best way to learn without the crippling debt or time commitments that come from returning to college. If you are a concerned parent who only wants the best for your child, or if you yourself are that frustrated teenager, trying out some may be the best decision you ever make. It's up to you to shape your own future, so don't leave it in the hands of uncaring bureaucrats. Take the initiative, and prepare yourself for the real world today.

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