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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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Network Security

Because computers are found in just about every home and office now, criminals are becoming smarter. They are moving from convenience stores to the Internet and computers, trying to rob you blind. Here are some computer crimes you need to watch out for, so you can avoid being a victim.

Data Transfer Theft

Thieves can take your personal information by tapping into your phone line outside your house and run the line directly into their own computer. This can often be done without even you knowing it through split lines. Some thieves will even take this a step further. When you're done using your computer and sign off the network, they simply remain online and continue using the system as if it were actually you.

Computer Crimes

Misuse of Computer Time

This is one of the most common computer crimes happening all over the country. Public and private employees who, on the taxpayers' or company's time and money, surf the computer or play games without proper authorization. This kind of behavior in many instances is not accepted by supervisors, but there's little way to regulate it.

Computer Output Theft

This is probably one of the easiest computer crimes today. Thieves steal information that came from your personal or company computer for the sake of finding out secret or personal information. They do this by taking computer printouts, mailing lists, customer lists, and etc.

Desktop Forgery

This is becoming increasingly common in corporate America. With computer technology and desktop publishing programs, thieves copy official letterhead, documents, passports, birth certificates, cash receipts for personal gain.

Wrongful Programming

This is a complicated computer crime. Wrongful programming crimes occur when someone alters a computer program and directs it to manipulate information on the network or someone's personal information.

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