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Dated: Sep. 22, 2004

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Windows XP

Buried deep inside Windows XP lurks a little-known program called shutdown that shuts down your system in a very fast — but orderly — way.

Here's how to put an icon on your desktop that'll shut down your machine quickly:

1. Right-click any empty location on your desktop.

2. Click New, Shortcut.

The Create Shortcut Wizard appears.

Fast Shut DownXP

3. In the Type the Location of the Item box, type shutdown -s -t 0.

It's important that you put spaces before each hyphen, that you have no spaces after each hyphen, and that you use a zero at the end.

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mahde's Comment
very good
05 Sat Jan 2013
Admin's Reply:

Thanks Mehde.

dev's Comment
shut down
02 Fri Nov 2012
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john.k.r.'s Comment
shut down windows xp without administrator
22 Tue Nov 2011
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nikhil's Comment
i what that
19 Mon Jul 2010
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Abir's Comment
sorry........... winkey+L.......
15 Tue Jun 2010
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Abir's Comment
the most easy shutdown shortcut is........ winkey+u.........then pc shutdown........very
15 Tue Jun 2010
Admin's Reply:

Unless you are like me with an old keyboard with no window key

But I would agree.

mahesh's Comment
27 Wed Jan 2010
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Chico's Comment
This is great. Thanks
22 Fri Jan 2010
Admin's Reply:

Thanks. Yeah, it's so practical too.

dinko_09's Comment
14 Thu Jan 2010
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Joe's Comment
Cool! I wasn't even aware of this. Thanks!
19 Sat Dec 2009
Admin's Reply:

There must be so many other things. I'm sure I've to learn too.

sumit bhatnagar's Comment
19 Sat Dec 2009
Admin's Reply:

Did you want to say something sumit?

Joey's Comment
Great site thnx. I now can shutdown quickly!
17 Thu Dec 2009
Admin's Reply:

Thanks, this method personally helped me as well.

kinder's Comment
thanks for this site....
09 Wed Dec 2009
Admin's Reply: I'm glad you find it helpful.

altaf's Comment
tips shutdown and registry file unable to open .
29 Thu Oct 2009
Admin's Reply: can you be more precise?