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Dated: Feb. 14, 2013

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You should unplug your computer from wall sockets: 

- When you are connecting any components to your computer case (mouse, monitor, keyboard)

- When you are replacing some of the components

- In the case that a thunderstorm happens (whether you own a UPS device)

- In the case of big voltage changes or frequent power outages (if you don't own a UPS device)

Periodical computer maintenance- Components in the computer casing (motherboard, processor, hard drive...) can't and mustn't be replaced by a person who is not an expert in these things.

- If you notice any malfunction on your computer or if it starts behaving weird, don't try to discover the problem on your own before you unplug your computer and contact a computer service. 

- The components damaged due to the use of software (overclock, viruses…) are not under warranty. Warranty stands only for those components that have been used in normal circumstances and within normal values and the values that are prescribed by the software manufacturer.

Note: The damage to components during improper handling or force majeure are not subject to warranty and their appearance should be stopped to avoid subsequent inconvenience.

Thunderstorms often cause chain malfunctions and in that case the malfunction caused by a irregularity of another component is not subject to warranty. Because of that, unplugging your computer is good advice. A UPS device doesn't protect from lightning strikes. A lightning strike can damage your computer through a phone cable attached to a modem even when the computer is turned off.

Periodical computer maintenance

Every two or three months, you need to clean the components from dust and other dirt. This especially means clean the dust in the casing, the fan and the cooler. For this you will need a brush with soft hairs, a spray with compressed air and a rug.

Every 6 months you will need to take apart the components in the casing and clean every component from impurities in detail, clean the connections if they have oxidized and also clean the inputs on the motherboard.

Fans in a computer cases can often cause overheating, and with that permanent damage to the component. It is necessary that you check your fans from time to time. If you notice that your fan is turning slowly, if it is loud, or it doesn't turn at all, you probably need to clean it or replace it if cleaning doesn't help.

Note: Regular cleaning is recommended to be done by a competent person. For cleaning, don't use liquid washing solutions like water, alcohol... Vacuuming the dust by sticking a vacuum hose in your casing can cause component damage. Cleaning the casing with a high air flow compressor can cause damage. Touching the component with bare hands, can cause component damage due to static electricity.

By following these tips you can save yourself time and money, and with that prolong your computers lifetime. No matter how great your computer knowledge is, we recommend that you take it to a service regularly for control and maintenance.

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