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Dated: Mar. 15, 2013

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There are situations when you have taken pictures, you wrote, downloaded, your secret passwords etc. should not be available to anyone that use or see your computer. Whether it is kids, parents or someone that will temporarily work on your computer, you have the right for privacy and there are ways to protect your content. You will not need to install new programs, and there will be no magic wand necessary that will make it invisible. If you are using Windows as the base operational system, just follow these simple instructions.

How to turn a folder into a invisible folder

  1. Open Start, go to My Documents and mark the offer for the New Folder with the right click. The name of the folder can be imputed now or later, it doesn’t matter. That name should be something that is important to you, but don’t make it to flashy because it will attract someone else attention. 
  2. Put whatever you want in the new folder. You can change the icon for that folder too. By clicking the right click on it a menu will give you Properties, then choose Customize and then click on Change Icon. You will find a transparent icon amongst the other ones, so choose that. The best thing would be to do that. Don’t forget to confirm OK and Apply so the new commands are remembered. Now you have an invisible icon.
  3. But how to make the content invisible? 
    One option is to, through Properties and Sharing, find and click on Make this folder private, so that you make it visible only when you log in with your personal account and password, and when the computer is started by someone else it won’t be visible. But, if you don’t want multiple accounts or that is not safe enough for you, because while you work the folder is not hidden, use another manual. That is our suggestion.
  4. With the right click mark the selected folder, go on Properties first, and then go down to theHide folders on your computer Attributes option. Next to that you will find two offered boxes. Mark the one next to Hidden and confirm OK.
  5. Restart the computer and you won’t see the file. Don’t worry, it is not gone, as the content in it. You can control its visibility and later return it to normal.
  6. To recover the visibility of your folder go to Tools, then on Folder Options, then on View and choose Show Hidden Files and Folders in the falling menu. Confirm the choice. 
  7. The other way to make it visible is the opposite than what you have done to hide it. Just click the right mouse button on Properties, find Attributes and unstick Hidden, then confirm OK.
  8. We hope that these instructions were simple and clear. Useful, right?
  • If you are afraid that you will disrupt some basic settings and that you will hide something from yourself, practice on an empty folder first.

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