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Dated: Dec. 31, 2012

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Samsung free global service for communication now offers access to multiple screens and other upgrading that make text sharing more fulfilling and interesting. 

The company Samsung Electronics Ltd, global leader in the area of digital media and digital convergency technology presented ChatON 2.0, the next version of the popular global communications service that connects all users of mobile phones into one community. 

Now available in over 200 countries and in over 60 languages, ChatON offers easy and fast communication through texting, as well as group chatting in numerous formats (picture, video, audio, contacts) to make the communication as simple, intuitive and fun as possible. The improved service works on every browser and on multiple connected devices such as mobile phones, tablets and WiFi cameras. 

ChatON has simplified texting for millions of users world wide enabling them to enjoy easy interaction with everyone and in any format. The ChatON 2.0 service now goes a step further because it enables users to access it from multiple devices that will supply them with a unique customer experience.”  said Dr Von-Pjo Hong, the president of the Center for media solutions in the company Samsung Electronics.

 With the help of the ChatON 2.0 service users always know what is going on with their friends. The function for multiple screens makes chatting with 5 different people at the same time possible. It is even possible to use the  ChatON searcher from your own personal computer by logging on the address with the same Samsung personal account. Users can now talk with their friends using the ChatON service from a greater number of platforms including Weibo, Twitter and Facebook. 

Samsung ChatON 2_0ChatON 2.0 makes content exchange easy and intuitive for both individual chats as well as group chats where users can leave messages in a so called trunk, a virtual space for storing and commenting pictures and videos before you share them further, on Facebook or social networks.  

The innovative function, ChatON Special Buddy, gives excellent offers, news and information from independent bidders in real time and it allows users to vote in poles or leave their comments.  

ChatON 2.0, as a micro social network,  enables users to create their own personal profiles, update  statuses so their friends can see them and comment on it. Comments can be placed on the profile pages whether the user  is online or not, and the ChatON Interaction Rank, ie the rank of the interaction offers users useful information and statistics about their communications with their friends. 

ChatON 2.0 offers great opportunities for adjusting and personalizing the message exchange experience. Users can create their own animated messages by adding photos or recorded audio footage, as well as choosing animated emoticons to spice up their conversations with fun. The way the background and the talk cloud appear can also be changed and customized for everyones flavor. There is also a large number of fonts for many languages. 

ChatON 2.0 has been reinstalled on all Samsung mobile devices, and is available on the Samsung Apps online store .

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