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Dated: Oct. 17, 2013

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Networking In General

If you are using the Internet, and you are (unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years), you have to know something about the various kinds of connections that exist. Down below you can see them listed.

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line

When we talk about Digital Subscriber Lines, they are probably the most common and widely used way of networking. They give huge speeds, and there is also easy connection sharing by using broadband routers. If you happen to see names such as ADSL or ADSL+2 know that those are also forms of DSL, but in some places those names are used.

Cable - Cable Modem Internet

This type of broadband connection uses neighborhood cable television conduits. This type of connection is more used in America than Digital Subscriber Lines, but this is not the case everywhere.DSL

Dial Up

This is a type of connection that is rapidly growing old. It is not very fast since it uses regular phone lines. A lot of houses use ICS when they have dial up. Routers for dial up connection are incredibly difficult to find, they cost a lot of money, and they have pretty bad performances. You will usually see dial up users in places that are not very populated and where there is no DSL. People who travel a lot also like to use dial up as a backup means of connecting.

ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network

It is very similar to DSL and it was widely used in the last decade of the previous century. But, when DSL came along people started using it instead of ISDN. It operates on phone lines. It is a bit faster than dial up, if you double the speed of dial up it would be somewhere in that range. It is pretty costly and it is also pretty slow, so it is not worth the money unless you have no access to DSL and you have telephone lines.

Satellite Internet

If you want this kind of connection you are going to have a mini satellite dish on your home and a fitting digital modem as well. These connections work in a similar fashion as satellite TV. But, there are a lot of problems when you have this kind of connection. They may malfunction when you are using a broadband router, and if you are an avid games you might not be able to play Online games at all. If you are using this kind of connection, it is common that you are seeking the highest possible speed and don't have access to DSL.

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