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Dated: May. 16, 2012

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Human beings receive, process and retain any information in their memory through multiple senses in the real world. Similar phenomenon occurs in the virtual world of Internet as well. Since you cannot make use of senses like smell, taste and touch to influence people via internet, you must make the most of the "sight" and "hearing", so that people experience and perceive your products and services, the way you want them to. You guessed it right. Video marketing is the new buzzword.

If you want to gain your fair share of customers online, you must keep looking for new internet marketing strategies. Video sharing is turning into a profitable architecture for businesses who market their products and services online (like , small-scale manufacturing, photographers, etc). With more and more people switching to smart phones, hundreds of video sharing apps are being introduced every single day. After all, internet was designed to enhance communication and video sharing helps in an improved communication, resulting in stronger relationship with the online customers.

There is a lot you can do through video marketing, especially if you are a start-up or own a small business. Though it would be inappropriate to use blanket statements here like – video marketing would take your business on top of the world etc; it would be better to share what this new marketing strategy is capable of. Video marketing helps you in:

Sharing your story in a compelling way:

ThwaprWhether you have created a video in the form of information or you have added a pinch of humor in it, you would be able to narrate your story in an elaborative manner through this audio-visual aid. A great video adds a Wow! factor to your internet marketing strategy to stimulate viewers; they are compelled to share it again and again. A video is a small investment that will keep performing for you all year round and when you are asleep.

Demonstrating your products and services in a better way:

has evolved as the quickest way to get your name noticed in your specific niche market. As a small business owner, you must explore the real potential of using videos to advertise products or services on the web.

Sharing content on social sharing sites:

Video is a tipping point media format that can be made viral very easily. But just uploading them on you tube won't solve the problem. You can always share these videos to authenticate your presence on social sharing sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other niche related video sharing sites. Your products and services will get more online exposure through these social sites and can help your customers make informed buying decisions.

Building online rapport and trust with customers:

Video sharing is a useful gizmo to build a good online reputation and trust. The chances of people developing trust for your products and services are more when they see and hear you talking about them. You are able to relate to your customers before you even meet in person. Trust and familiarity boosts sales.

Saving money and maximizing ROIs:

All that you need to create a good video is creativity and introspection. There are hundreds of softwares available for making videos and editing them. A great video will help the onlookers take the right buying decisions. Create a buzz (video) for your products or services and sit back and watch. You would realize in no time that video marketing helps you not only in saving money on Internet marketing, but help increase your ROI.

Don't just swamp the web with your videos. You would have to work out a plan to devise an effective video sharing strategy. The prospects of earning profits by selling ice-cream in hotter regions are more than selling it in regions where it snows all the time. You would have to analyze where your video content can add value to the users, as they can become your potential customers later on.

Video messages last longer than other methods of advertising.

Author Bio: Sudha Thakur is a content curator who has written on a wide variety of topics including VOIP technology, social media marketing, mobile video sharing, website development methodologies and latest gadget reviews. Rite now she is working as a Content Strategist for - a mobile media sharing technology.

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