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Dated: Feb. 27, 2013

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Mobile Phones and Tablets

If you are using Android, BlackBerry or Apple phone you can print whatever you want, no matter where you are. It is necessary to have an installed Cloud print app on your phone and to have a Gmail account and also you need to connect your printer with Google Cloud printing and to use Google Chrome. 

How to use Cloud prints on an Android phone

On Windows it looks like this:

  1. First you need to sign in to your Gmail account and stay logged in during the entire process. This same account should be used when you sign in to Gmail, when you register the app and later when you print it.
  2. Turn on your printer and don’t turn it off, unless you have some sort of special printer adapted to Cloud printing.
  3. Set Google Chrome to Cloud Print.
  4. Click on the Chrome Menu (Adjust and Control Google Chrome).
  5. The click on Settings.
  6. Find show advanced settings and open.
  7. Go on Google Cloud printing.
  8. Click on Add printer, a new page will open.
  9. Click on the blue button Add printer to add a printer.
  10. Then click on Manage your printers, a new page will open with the view of all the printers connected to your computer. Choose your printer.
  11. Download and install this app from the Google Play store
  12. The app is free. Start the app. During start up the app will register itself to your Gmail account that you already had in your phone. Select the account to use with your printer. You will get a "you need to select a printer" click on OK, wait for the application to find your printer. When it finds it, select it for Cloud printing. You will get the settings for Cloud printing where you can change your printer, prepare the printing and change your Gmail account. The same thing can be done in the Main menu/Printer management/select your printer/Set as default. Get out of the app settings.
  13. When you are done with connecting your printer with the Gmail account and connecting to Google Cloud Printing, you can print no matter what Gmail account you are signed in to.

Cloud prints AndroidThe application itself has the possibility of printing all files, pictures, drawings, SMS, contacts, scanned documents, notes, attachments that you got by Gmail, calendars, Facebook, various storage you use on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. More precisely, every document stored in your phone.

When you want to print something you have to be sure that Google Chrome is opened on your computer and that your printer is turned on.

If you want to print some document that is in the memory of your phone, find it, tap it, you will see Cloud print in the share option, tap that option. You will get Ready to print... Printing can be adjust on Page setup - the number of copies, page orientation, quality, etc. Confirm printing and the chosen document will be printed.

The other way is to find the files that you want to print directly from the Cloud print app and print it.

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