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Dated: Nov. 18, 2013

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The pros to powerline networks

The first advantage we are going to mention is the ease of cabling powerline networks to computers. Most common homes have a lot of power outlets, and they are usually present in every room so if you want to cable your computer to a powerline network is fast, simple and easy. The reach is also significantly higher and greater than with Wi-Fi networks.

Because of the frequency they use, it is almost impossible to see any interferences with other networks or appliances and your powerline network. Although interferences with other networks and appliances are virtually impossible, powerline networks can have some minor electrical issues within themselves. Also, a significantly lower amount of network latency than in Wi-Fi networks is present in powerline networks which is great. Especially if you are an avid online gamer or you are using applications that work in real time.powerline networks

The third great thing we are going to state about powerline networks is it's security. Unlike Wi-Fi where the network information is transmitted through the air, which again makes it possible for intruders to access that information or do all sorts of thing that can interfere with your network, powerline networks transfer it's information through closed cables, which makes it almost impossible to enter the network without permission. This gives a great amount of network security when using powerline networks, unlinke Wi-Fi which is not so secure.

The cons to powerline networks

Although there are big advantages to powerline networks not many choose to use it. The reasons are listed below.

Powerline networks cost a lot of money. Considering the fact that you only need one cheap Wi-Fi router to build your home network (actually to start the building process) and that only two HomePlug adapters cost more than the entire router is a major turn off for many people. Money has always been an important factor, and here it is working against powerline networks.

The first time people used HomePlug was a few years ago, and the characteristics it had were awful performance and huge issues in general. There have been major improvements, but the notion that it is slow, unreliable and glitchy are present with the majority.

The thing with powerline networks is that they have to be wired almost perfectly to run great. This implies the notion that you need to hire a professional installer which again means more money to pay. And if you mess something up when installing there can be performance problems.

If you haven't read the first part of the Powerline and HomePlug article, you can find it here. Powerline and HomePlug.

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