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Dated: Jun. 25, 2013

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A USB flash memory is mostly used as a transferring device for the most varied types of devices. Somebody stores on them program, somebody music, and there are those that use a flash only to transfer documents, images, videos...

The thing that is common for most users is that they don't keep essential information on these devices. It can be lost easily, it is very easy for somebody else to read it and there's the trouble. On the other hand, a stick memory is not that big for a user to not be able to backup his data or change them. The author of the program USB Image Tool has a totally different opinion.

With the help of this tool you will be able to transfer the complete content of a stick on a local hard drive. Practically, everything is done with one mouse click on the button Backup, and the most beautiful thing is that the saving is done under a IMG format. That practically means that from the content of the stick you can make an image, and we would compare that to ISO images of classic CD/DVDs. That image can be later brought back to the stick, and even transferred on some other memory. For that there is the button Restore. The author was so thoughtful that he implemented the possibility of built image compression that can be done with the methods ZIP (resulting file is saved in IMZ format), ie. GZIP (IMG.GZ).

Unfortunately, from the program there is no possibility to peek into the content of made images. Instead of that, there is some kind of manager, that next to the path of a built file can put a short text description that will point you to the content. Furthermore, your attention should be directed to the way pictures are made. They are copied sector by sector and there is totally no regard about free space on the stick. If the stick is 4 GB, the picture will be that size, even if in data it is only 2 GB. That means that a certain picture can be transferred only to a stick of the same or bigger capacity. This is why it is a good idea to buy flash drives in bulk so you can keep a single flash drive dedicated to a specific program.USB Image Tool

Luckily, from the 1.60 version of the program the author placed in a button Reset that enables using of full capacity of images in situations when you will transfer a small image on a larger stick. Otherwise, the program is not exclusively meant for working with USB flash memories. It can recognize any storage space that satisfies the so called USB Mass Storage protocol. That can be internal hard drives, digital cameras, MP3 players, even memory cards placed in the fitting reader.

USB Image Tool is meant for those who often change/update their content on their USB flash memories – those that work on some projects or planning, where changes happen on a daily level. Instead of searching in the storage space of some file manager, they can simply make images on a daily basis (the so called daily buildlove) and later compare them or use for returning data. To bad that the program doesn't support automatic scanning of changed files and their transfer. Then that would make it a full blood backup tool.


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