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Dated: Jul. 09, 2013

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Multifunction devices are the most popular choice when buying a device to work with documents. When it comes to home users and small offices, the advantage of devices that combine a printer and scanner (and make a photocopier) comes down to the fact that they take up less space on your desk.

Although conventional scanners with lids sounds like a thing of the past, if we consider the average resolution of a scanner multifunction device, which is rarely greater than 1200 dpi, and at the same time some greedy manufacturers block the ability to scan when the printer runs out of ink, it becomes clear that a purpose scanner is not nearly as redundant as may at first seem. It is this card that HP is playing on with its new desktop scanner ScanJet 300.

Thanks to great plastic, modern design of this device is more reminiscent of a closed laptop than a scanner. Sheet feeder are not present, and the design of the cover allows unobstructed placement of magazines, books and other thicker originals on the glass thanks to hinges which are adapted to the thickness of the original .

Connecting to a computer is done via a mini USB cable, which also serves to power the device, because the consumption of the scanner is only 2.5 W , thanks to the use of LEDs for lighting originals. A series of buttons on the front panel is used to directly call functions like sending a scanned document by e-mail or forwarding to the press, which will be appreciated by those who are HP ScanJet 300accustomed to similar features in MFPs

The resolution is 4800dpi, combined with 48-bit color, as expected, it gave very good results. Color reproduction is authentic, and the most important thing is that there is no moiré effect, which is usually noticeable in scanners for home use.

To scan in the highest quality it takes 50 seconds, while the standard 300 dpi for photos of 10 x 15 cm it takes about 20 seconds, which are results that are quite acceptable, considering the high quality of the obtained documents.

In addition to good hardware, HP has made an effort to flush the software and scanner, so that there is Arcsoft Photostudio 6, photo editing tool and Readiris Pro 12, the application for text recognition. We particularly appreciated the ability to scan the automatic text recognition and creating PDF files, which can then be searched. The formatting is retained , which is usually lost using conventional OCR method, yet it is possible to search for text within the document.

The price of around 85 euros seems a bit high compared to traditional MFPs, but when you take into account the excellent results and the accompanying software, the HP ScanJet 300 provides just which is expected.

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