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Dated: Jul. 24, 2013

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Cloud network devices are very important to us, so the company D-Link did something about that and they came up with a new network device. D-Link is unveiling another member of their family of Clouds: DNS-320L (Cloud ShareCenter ™ 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure).

The Cloud network-attached storage enables users to remotely access files and multimedia via the mydlink ™ web portal or mobile apps for iPhone, iPad or Android devices. DNS-320L Clouds ShareCenter ™ provides space for content storage sizes up to 6TB (2 SATA hard-drive pd 2.5 inches), which is available anytime, anywhere, from any device that has internet access. Thanks to mydlink ™ Access U.S. application, except for access and storage of data and files in the cloud with their mobile devices, with the data it is possible to communicate in the opposite direction, which means that the content can be retrieved with the D-Link Cloud network deviceShareCenter DNS-320L on mobile devices.

Necessity in today's society that is constantly on the move to be able to, whether at home or on the road, safely and easily access the shared files. Fortunately this new storage device thanks to the mydlink Clouds services can eliminate all the technical challenges associated with safe remote file access. That is why we are in the D-Link and developed by Cloud Storage devices to your documents and other content, users can access it whenever they want, wherever they are. This device is DLNA certified, which ensures its interoperability with different media players regardless of whether it comes to mobile devices and computers. 

Thanks to the built-in UPnP media server it has secured streaming multimedia content with ShareCenter DNS-320L on any compatible media player such as PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or D-Link's Boxee Box. This Sharecenter has Gigabit port for the fastest possible connection to your home network. RAID 1 technology raises the level of data security by placing them on both drives so that, in case one is "damaged" or affected by a virus, the data is secure on the second disc. Security of files is further guaranteed by the possibility of granting specific users or groups of their rights or making certain folders with special permissions to read and / or edit. DNS-320L Clouds ShareCenter is the part of a product line that has been implemented with D-Link Green Technology, which focuses on the development of environmentally friendly devices (reduced power consumption, etc..), that without losing its functionality.

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