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Dated: Jul. 03, 2013

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Network Security

The online world today can be a scary place. The presence of the Internet in everyday life has brought with it the emergence of malicious activities, which are steadily increasing. Online shoppers, users of the portal for electronic payments and transactions and any other services that include the exchange of confidential or personal data are reasonably concerned. Many of them are justifiably reluctant to use these services, not because they are not needed, but because they want to be safe. The development of technologies to protect e-commerce systems (e-commerce) follows familiar patterns - as the technology matures, individual solutions are integrated into the multi-functional technology platform that can be used for different purposes. Therefore, it is important that users recognize producers and solutions with vision and ability and the ability to overcome individual solutions and offers of a comprehensive technology.

A technology platform can be seen as a set of individual solutions that are unified around a common basis and represent a common point solution for similar problems and / or requests. From the perspective of e-commerce solutions, online business should be based on a secure platform that follows the proactive development and evolution. Protection solution for Web sites should offer an array of features that provide safety and trust. Progress of the SSL protocol since the first commercial use in 1995 the SSL protocol has become a de facto security standard for e-commerce. Data encryption and authentication provided by SSL certificates purchased through proven and trusted Certificate Authority (CA) bodies (companies) were the other basic factor for successful e-commerce Web sites that offer visitors a sense of trust. Symantec

Online threats are constantly evolving, improving and mutating, and encryption and authentication of traditional SSL certificates is no longer enough to protect online businesses. The users are also becoming more and more skeptical about the possibilities of companies that provide online services for storing their confidential or personal information. Research in the U.S. showed that 21% of users do not use a credit card on the Internet out of fear of misuse. Leading solutions must therefore constantly improve their SSL offer.

Some examples of innovations in this field are: Extended Validation (EV SSL) provides the highest level of verification and authentication of certificates available for visitors confirming that it is a safe website, displaying the green address bar in web browsers. EV SSL was developed in response to the growing number of phishing scams, which use e-mails and Web sites that look like they are legitimate in order to deceive visitors. Symantec platform of trust provides security for more than one million Web servers worldwide. All major companies from the list of Fortune 500, 97% of the world's 100 largest banks and 81% of the 500 largest e-commerce Web sites in the United States use SSL certificates issued by Symantec.

Symantec also has more EV SSL certificates than any other CA body. Nevertheless, Symantec follows the rigid rules of authentication that checks KPMG at least once a year. Symantec gives out SSL certificates, offers Web site malware scanning and checks the vulnerabilities of Web sites and all of that as one solution, and with continues to invest in their leading technologies, partnership and brand when it comes to safety and security on the Internet.

As the first company that has issued a commercial SSL solution, Symantec was and is a synonym for trust from the beginning. The Symantec platform of trust represents the top of the technology offer. Website malware scanning and Seal-in-Search are an innovation that Symantec introduced in their SSL solutions for Internet protection.

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