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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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Welcome to the Remove Spyware Section

Have you ever gone to a site, and so many pop-ups appear that you feel like your going to explode? Well there is a fix for everything. I have been fixing computers for a few years now, and the majority of my work, of what I do to fix people’s computers will be posted here. Now I myself run about 8 or more programs weekly. This is very important, even if you don’t surf the net that often. Spyware has gotten so much out of control, that this is the only option, we as web surfer have. Now please understand that you need to do this under your own will. This website takes no responsibility for any of your actions. These are only recommendations.

Well first of all, what is Spyware?

Well mainly spyware are small software that runs in the background of your computer collecting information. These programs use that info which they send back to numerous amounts of companies, to see what websites you visit and so forth. Also a lot of times these programs will activate the web and pop-ups will appear without you even surfing the net. Another big problem is that sometimes these spyware programs will load other software onto your computer, just by opening a pop-up.

Pop-Ups Attack

If you haven’t noticed by now, Pop-Ups are one the main sources of spyware. Well the only effective way I know of preventing 90 percent of pop-ups is by installing the following software: Google Toolbar. This program has an option which will prevent pop-ups from occurring (90 percent of the time). Now the toolbar does have to be part of your internet explorer, but a small price to pay to have those annoying pop-ups removed.

Spyware Remove

Time To Clean

Now the next step is to remove everything in the temp folders, where a lot of times spyware programs sit. (The process is the same in all versions of windows, just search for those 2 folders)

Windows XP

My Computer --> Local Disk (C :) (Wherever windows is located) --> Temp (remove everything possible in that folder) --> (Go back to C:) click on Documents and Settings --> (Click on the current user that you are logged in as) --> (Go to tools at the top --> folder options --> View Tab --> Click on the circle next to “Show hidden files and folders? --> Press OK) Press F5 --> Click on “Local Settings? --> (remove everything in the following folders: “Temp? and “Temporary Internet Files?, DO NOT REMOVE THESE FOLDERS (If certain files cannot be deleted, try deleting other files)

Windows Update

I know it's annoying to update windows every time there is some kind of little patch, but they actually help. Please visit the windows download site: Make sure to install every patch required.

What's Running on My Computer?

Many of the spyware we have on our computers are currently running. Some may ask as to how these programs even start without doing anything. Well if you go to the following specification, you will be able to answer that question: The first step is to go to the Start Button, Run, & "regedit." Please be extremely careful when entering this section, only delete things you know for a fact, otherwise don’t touch them. Next, double click on "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE," --> SOFTWARE --> Microsoft --> Windows --> CurrentVersion --> Run.

There you will see every program that starts when you computer loads windows. Delete the programs you know for a fact you never use. Please be very careful as to what you delete, do not delete any file that has a data address anywhere near the Windows folder. When you are done, simply restart your computer.

Ready For the Programs?

Now its time to really kill those spyware programs by downloading spyware removers. There are about 10 or more programs out there, the ones I would recommend are listed below for you to download. Please run as many of these as possible, which should solve most of your problems. If you have any specific occurrences which the spyware removers cannot fix, please contact me below using the form below (I can’t answer all questions, but I can answer most).

Spyware Removal Programs

For full instructions of how to use ever program, please visit the official websites.

  • SpySweeper
    - Removes Spyware
  • SpyBot - S&D
    - Removes Spyware
  • Ad-aware
    - Removes Spyware


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