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Dated: Feb. 05, 2013

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Mobile Phones and Tablets

The competitive game in telecommunications is currently based on the field of operating systems – Android, iOS and Windows Phone are currently battling for the affection of the users and also for a better position in the marathon race whose finish line is still far away...

The year that we just escorted was technologically very interesting, with lots of successes and lots of failures, winners and losers, innovators and followers, the ones that had a strike, the ones that overdid it, the ones that tripped... New Smartphones, new Tablets, new mobile operating systems, even new networks: over 150 4G LTE networks in 65 different states and over 50 million LTE users, and a significant increase of LTE devices. Cloud computing is becoming regular for many big companies, so you could say that the way out of the crisis is through the clouds. FTTH is stagnating, but VDSL2 is gaining momentum, not only because the rise in copper prices all around the world. Social networks are evermore present, and with unmeasurable influence in election campaigns. We live in technological world and technology is becoming an integral and inseparable part of our existence.

In a Fit

The Android platform has conquered 75% of the Smartphone devices market, iOS 15%, and RIM BlackBerry 4,3%. The sales of Apple devices has risen by 57% in the last year, and the sales of Android devices by an incredible 92%! Apple will remember the last year, the first one without Steve Jobs, by amazing sales and an increase of market share. Although the long expected iPhone 5 is the most popular device, head to head with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Around 35% of all Smartphone sales are Samsung. Because of that, this South Korean giant sold twice as many Smartphones than Apple and even nine times as many as Nokia.

Nokia has dropped out the top 3 Smartphones makers for the first time in many years. The biggest loser is still BlackBerry with a drop of sales by 35% on an annual basis, which has halved their market part. With the appearance of the Windows Phone 8 operating system the sales of these devices record around 140% annual growth, even though it has a market share of only 2%. Doesn’t this battle between Google and Apple, or Android and iOS remind on a different, more antique battle – between PC and Mac? About the absolute domination of Android tells the fact that in only one quarter Android sold as much phones as the entire mobile device sales in 2007. Near the end of last year, Android also took over the total mobile Internet traffic in the USA and Canada. Although that in the first half of the last year Apple was holding about 72% of the Smartphone traffic and Android held about 26%, now Android holds 51% of the total traffic, and iOS 46%.

Social Networks as a Way of Life

Facebook iconThe company Facebook went on the stock exchange, a in October they announced that they have one billion active users in one month – every seventh human being has been on Facebook! Incredible and fascinating or should we ask ourselves where the world is going?

Twitter has had a big increase in popularity last year, especially amongst celebrities. This social network has achieved over 500 million users, and from those around 200 million active users monthly. With its nature of concise expression of thought and the presence on every Smartphone, Twitter will surely gain even more popularity, but it is still behind Facebook by far.

Online video is probably something why the Internet was invented for. The leader is, of course, YouTube with over a billion created videos and 800 million visitors last year. More than half of all online video streams is on YouTube, so we can say with confidence that in the domain of online video YouTube is without competition. This is important because of the fact that television is moving slowly towards online watching.

How does Apple battle against Google – maybe by canceling its YouTube application?! If you can’t beat them, cancel them?! We are wondering what will users have to say to this. If we remember the history of Microsoft, it took a long time creating a good and stable OS, so maybe their dedication to the Tablet and Smartphone market will create a new twist to the story. If we believe that history repeats itself, maybe Apple and Microsoft will switch places. This time it will be no desktop, but mobile computers.

If we choose the player of the year in the ITC category, it is certainly the Android platform and Google. Our favorite for the coming period is the NFC technology for paying with mobile devices – it is like technology goes ahead of its time.

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