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Dated: Dec. 21, 2004

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  Description: Shortcut Key:
  Move backward to a previous view. ALT+LEFT ARROW
  Move forward to a previous view. ALT+RIGHT ARROW
  View the folder one level up. BACKSPACE
  Copy a file. CTRL while dragging the file
  Create a shortcut. CTRL+SHIFT while dragging the file.
  Delete an item immediately without placing it in the Recycle Bin. SHIFT+DELETE
  Display Find: All Files dialog box. F3
  Display the selected item’s shortcut menu. APPLICATION key
  Refresh window. F5
  Rename item. F2
  Select all items. CTRL+A
  View an items properties. ALT+ENTER or ALT+DOUBLE-CLICK
  Collapse the current selection if it is expanded or Select the parent folder. LEFT ARROW
  Collapse the selected folder. NUM LOCK+MINUS SIGN (-)
  Expand the current selection if it is collapsed or Select the first subfolder RIGHT ARROW
  Expand all folders below the current selection. NUM LOCK+*
  Expand the selected folder. NUM LOCK+PLUS SIGN (+)
  Switch between left and right panes. F6

Windows Explorer - Shortcuts



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Pascal program are very complexity.......
16 Sat Apr 2011
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Ah huh