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Dated: Mar. 18, 2013

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Hard Disk Drive

When talking about external hard drives, lately we often think about companies that don’t have making hard drives as their primary area of work. That situation points to that external hard drives are still confection and expendable goods. Because of that it was our pleasure to test a hard drive from the oldest producer of hard drives there is – Seagate. The device is called GoFlex Slim Performance Drive, it has a capacity of 500 GB and it represents a more mobile part of the GoFlex series.

The device is packed in a black metal casing with the thickness not bigger than diameter of the ordinary pencil. Although it doesn’t stop them completely, the mate finish on the casing conceals finger sprints and guarantees the retaining of the aesthetic impression even with the most negligent treatment. The casing design is minimalistic, you can only see the Seagate logo and a discreet white activity indicator.
GoFlex Slim Performance DriveYou also get a USB 3.0 cable through which the device is powered. The thing we didn’t expect is that the USB 3.0 port is actually on the SATA/USB adapter, that is separable from the hard drive. At first glance that is an odd solution, but a completely logical one when you look at the manufacturers offer on the site, because it includes the same adapter, just for the Thunderbolt interface.
The installation of the device includes its attaching to the USB 3.0 port. As all relatives, the GoFlex Slim is formatted in advance and has only one partition. To the computer it is presented as the FreeAgent GoFlex Slim and and the model number is stated as ST500LT012-9WS142. This points to that this external hard drive actually belongs to the Seagate Momentus series, that has extremely thin 2,5 inch hard drives, advanced possibilities and very high performances. The disks in this series can boast with a modern format of storing data with a 4 KB capacity sector which increases the efficiency of the devices and also offers better ways of managing bad sectors and correcting reading errors. In the specification, it is stated that the speed is 7200 RPM, but the specification of the Momentus series doesn’t involve this combination of speed and capacity.
The thing that we are most interested in are the performances. As other devices from this class, the GoFlex Slim has gone a number of synthetic tests, that have shown that this device an average reading speed of 80 MB/s, and in ideal circumstances it can go up to 105 MB/s. At first glance, it looks thinner than the device, but you should have in mind that it is a 2,5 inch hard drive that powered through a USB port and that it is oriented towards a high mobility, and not as much to high performances.
The minimum speed will not go under 40 MB/s. Actually, the only “flaw? that this device has are the technical limitations, and we would really like a disk with more capacity.
When you add up everything, the Seagate GoFLex Slim is one of the more interesting devices in its class. Although nicely designed and conceived, the price is not to high, so you have to spend just under 90 euros for it. All of that makes it a good choice for users who, next to functionality, appreciate the looks of a device.

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