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Dated: Dec. 26, 2012

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Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was one of only four antivirus products that have amazed analysts from an independent organization for testing IT safety solutions,  MRG Effitas, in that they did, during the test that was recently done, blocked all attempts to steal financial information.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
The organization MRG Effitas was trying to test the capabilities of popular safety solutions for protection from malicious software designed to steal financial information. For the purpose of that testing, experts have created three programs that behaved like widespread threats like Zeusand Spy Eye. The Platform that was used for testing was a 64 – bit version of the Windows 7 Ultimate with a installed Service Pack 1.
In every one of the three tests, experts from the MRG Effitas organization replicated attempts to steal user data entered on a site that supports SSL – protocol for transferring protected data that is used by many popular online services and most banks.
In the first scenario experts takeover malicious software from a special site by using Internet Explorer. Then they started the downloaded emulator, opened the website with the paying system in the browser and entered personal data using hardware or a virtual keyboard. That keyboard was used if it was available in the safety solution that was tested. Emulators for the second and third scenario of testing were created by engineers of the MRG Effitas organization specially for this new study. Programmers have assigned these emulators to easily pass the standard antivirus protections. These malicious programs have been loaded form a USB. They gathered all stolen info on the hard drive of the computer, waiting for the request of cyber criminals.
For the needs of these tests, a positive result was defined as a safety solution for stopping interceptions of financial data, even if  the malicious object was present on the hard drive in hidden mode. But, if the safety solution stopped the emulator from being loaded on the computer or blocked it’s work, experts also found success. Safety solutions that couldn’t stop a robbery or clearly warn someone, failed.
Results of the testing
The creation of the Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 was one of only two antivirus solutions that blocked all attempts to steal financial data. Most other products have only the easiest test. Two other safety solutions have discovered malicious emulator with using traditional antivirus technology, which doesn't guarantee total safety. It should be said that only 4 out of 17 products passed the special test for efficiently protecting against financial theft. Great results from the  Kaspersky Lab company are achieved thanks to the new Safe Money technology that was developed by experts to maximally protect the user and his financial data against advanced cyber threats.

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