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Dated: May. 29, 2012

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Overview of IT Industry and Computer Science

If you are looking for career counseling, and are in a dilemma as which branch of computer science you should go for, this small section would hopefully help you in selecting the best option according to your nature and interest.

In computer industry, there are several branches from which you can choose any one. The reason behind this is that in this industry, you can get success and/or fame only when you are skilled, and full of knowledge.

You can be as what they call 'Jack of All but Master of None' but in that case you need to struggle a lot to learn several different application packages, operating systems and programming languages. Even after then, when you apply for a job, the very first question that your interviewer would ask will be "What Is Your Specialization?"

A 'Jack of All' can easily earn his living by getting a job in any industry and may have several scopes where he can get a good placement. On the other hand if you are specialized in a particular platform, application or programming language, you might not have that job opportunities in various organizations, but the place where you will work, you will have a dignified position with bigger chances of job security. The reason why this happens is, even the organizations know that if you are specialized in a particular area, they would need to work very hard to find your replacement. This is the reason they would take good care of you and would give you regular increments.

Selecting Appropriate Field According to Your Choices

LaptopSince every person has different interests and tastes, it is not the counselor who should be deciding as which field you should go for. It is only you, as a student and a future successful person, who has to decide and select the field of your interests.

Whenever you go for career counseling, the counselors always try to convince you to select the courses that they have to offer. If they do not have the course that you are looking for, they try hard to convince you that the course you want to select is obsolete and is not much in demand.

However, the reality is just the opposite, and the following section will give you a neutral and justified advice as how you can select the best field of your interests.

If you are fond of administration or leading a team, an example can be if you are always bossy and have always been appointed as a leader in your team, it would be beneficial for you to select the field where you would have to manage a team of people, say IT professionals, who would work under you. In these cases you can go for network administration (CCNA), systems administration (MCITP), etc. This field would give you total command over the network infrastructure, and there would be several computers and users working under your expert guidance and supervision. Network and systems administration requires deep study of routing devices and servers. Example can be, Cisco Switches and Routers and Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

On the other hand if you are interested in working with a team, an example can be if you are always supportive and a participating candidate who gets easily involved with people, Software Development (which is sometimes also referred to as Software Engineering) would be appropriate for you. The reason behind this is that a software developer has to start his/her career as a programmer, where he learns several new things while working in a team. Once he gets proficient in the area, he then gets promoted to the project manager where he has to take care of a team of programmers and has to work with other project managers (as a part of the team) to complete a big project. In this field, you need to learn several programming languages like .NET, PHP, Oracle, etc. that are used to develop software programs which are then used in homes offices. MS-Office, Tally, etc. are few examples of software programs.

If you are creative and are quite good in drawings and arts and like to create new things according to your imaginations, the best option for you would be to choose Animation field where you would get several applications as your tools and extensions to put your imagination on papers and computers. It might be time taking for you to understand applications as they are a bit complicated, but once you are proficient, sky is the limit. Adobe Flash CS5, 3D Studio Max, Auto Desk Maya are some examples for such animation applications.

Now that you've gotten free know-how on this topic, try to grow your skills even faster with online video training. Then finally, put these skills to the test and make a name for yourself by offering these skills to others by becoming a freelancer. There are literally 2000+ new projects that are posted every single freakin' day, no lie!

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